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Social Media Spotlight

By Jamison Cook | November 04
Social Media Spotlight
Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

How do you guys feel about Notre Dame-Navy? We asked and you answered

We took to Twitter to see how everyone feels about the annual Notre Dame-Navy game. You guys had a lot to say. Here are some of the best responses we received.

Tweet 1
Would be nice to finish on a high-note if that is the case, and M&T Bank Stadium should be a cool venue to play in.
Tweet 2
Is it really that simple?
Tweet 4
Cut blocks are for sure the worst part. Constant risk of injury. Please watch your knees on Saturday boys.
Tweet 3
Yeah, that still doesn't sit well with me either.
Tweet 5
How big would the check have to be? And what else would Navy run? I honestly have no clue.
Tweet 6
Have we re-paid the debt? Is that enough to override the promise? The fans seem to be split on this one.
Tweet 7
Unfortunately, the pollsters are quite important. If we want Playoff berths, we need the best schedule possible and without a conference championship, every game is even more important for our resume.
Tweet 8
I love the commitment, Doug. And for better or worse, what is more important than the rankings?
Tweet 9
Couldn't agree more, Dan. White-knuckling from start to finish.
Tweet 12
How about that historical analogy from Tyler? He knows his history, thank you very much. Take that Sean.
Tweet 11
Whoa whoa whoa, let's watch the language here. And you did graduate and get your degree, right Tyler? Tyler?
Tweet 10
Kidding, of course Tyler got that degree. A final word from us here at Sons of Saturday. Go Irish!