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Buying/Selling Notre Dame Spring Stock with Greg Flammang (Ep. 68)

By Tyler Wojciak | May 12

The guys are back with Friend of the Program Greg Flammang from Irish Sports Daily and the Single High Notre Dame Pod to make sense of what’s real and what’s fake coming out of the 91st Annual Blue and Gold Game. We deliberate over to buy or sell stock on each position group. Topics include:

-Steve Angeli will beat out Drew Pyne for QB2

-Chris Tyree and Jadarian Price will outgain Logan Diggs and Audric Estime (rushing & receiving yards combined)

-Jayden Thomas will have more receptions than Deion Colzie

-Patterson should move to Guard so Zeke Correll can play Center

-Notre Dame will field its best defensive line unit this season since 2012

-Either Prince Kollie, Jaylen Sneed, or Junior Tuihalamaka will be a starter at linebacker by November

-Brandon Joseph will have 5+ INT this season

-Current kickers will make us miss The Jonathan Doerer Experience

Come for debate, leave feeling excited about what Notre Dame what field defensively next year.