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College Football Week 0: Let's Do This

By Justin Cates | August 28
College Football Week 0: Let's Do This

It was a bizarre off-season filled with the kind of panic and vitriol usually reserved for the houses of congress. Realignment mania has again swept the land and everyone has been on edge because of it. Fear not however dear reader!

The money spigot is wide open and as long as the cash continues to flow, we'll be just fine.

On balance realignment sucks but it can't be stopped. This has been going on in fits and starts since the fifties so don't expect anything to change now. The good news? We finally have real games to distract ourselves with.

Some fans even got free drinks to top it off as the stadium for our big opener briefly lost Internet service. This feels like a distinctly Irish solution for something that isn't a big deal and I'm all for it.

We would be better off as a country if we also addressed minor inconveniences with free beer. I mean there are just a few other little things to work on too, but this would be a good starting point. Something to consider the next time you head to the polls.

Heat's On For Frost

I didn't have particularly high hopes for the Dublin opener between Nebraska and Northwestern. This turned out to be an incredibly poor assessment—though my bet of Northwestern to win straight up proved wise.

What's the fun of you can't profit a bit from the chaos? Maybe don't quote me on that.

To say Scott Frost is in trouble would be like saying this deeply satisfying burn from the Big Sky Conference stings. It's a considerable understatement.

Who could have predicted such a violent dunk in August?

As usual under Frost, the Cornhuskers played one strong half, another quarter of general competence, and then promptly melted like butter on...well anything at the fair.

They can still have a good season and appear to have a quarterback capable of big things in Casey Thompson (355 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT). Still, the predetermined path to failure feels baked in to the program now. It's hard to see how Frost recovers from this one. It's even harder given the possibility there could be more of the same to come.

UConn is Back

Back to losing competitively that is, which is a big step in the right direction.

The Huskies fell 31-20 on the road to a Utah State team poised for big things this season.

Certainly the Aggies are an interesting story too. They won on a strong performance from quarterback Logan Bonner who tossed three touchdowns but it was a game dominated by the ground game. Calvin Tyler Jr. led Utah State with 161 yards on 33 carries and his teammate Robert Briggs added 85 yards and a score.

Their counterpart Nathan Carter had a big coming out party himself with 190 yards on 20 carries. That's good for an eye-popping 9.5 yards per touch.

Utah State was clearly the more talented team and Blake Anderson is poised for another big season with them. A brutal test awaits next week at No. 1 Alabama, but the chance to better last season's 11-3 record remains.

Still, I came away impressed with UConn. They showed plenty of fight even after losing quarterback Ta'Quan Roberson early in the game. True freshman Zion Turner came on and showed some flashes while mostly being a freshman. For the Huskies to be leading 14-7 late in the first half and to hang around until late into the game is an encouraging sign for first-year coach Jim Mora Jr.

Odds and Ends

Some fun synergy with that fact related to the Saturday evening games. Vanderbilt blew the doors off of Hawaii on the heels of a two-week layover in the islands.

For those like myself who fell asleep just after Hawaii scored the opening touchdown, the 63-10 final score was a bit of a shock to wake up to. While Vanderbilt's atrocious new logo is still garbage, the team looks at least competent and one to keep an eye on as a pesky SEC team.

Meanwhile North Carolina was attempting to pound Florida A&M with mixed results. The final score looked good, 56-24, but it wasn't the easiest slog. The Rattlers hung around into the second half which is quite a feat for a team short 20 ineligible players. Jeremy Moussa is a great QB for A&M but he was out-dueled by Drake Maye who passed for five scores in his debut for Carolina.

The Heels ran up over 300 yards on the ground but the defense has some work to do like so many after opening weekend.

So week 0 is now in the books with plenty of excitement and fresh, new Nebraska memes to lend to the overall vibe.

I leave you with this presented without further comment: