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College Football Week 6: Wild, Wild, Midwest

By Justin Cates | October 11
College Football Week 6: Wild, Wild, Midwest
The noon time slot is generally reserved for ill-advised Big Ten match ups and other snoozers but this week it was a happening place to be. Oklahoma-Texas and Arkansas-Ole Miss has all the fireworks, and we're talking illegal imports. In other words, "The good stuff".

Each game had a major Heisman caliber players go off in a big way. Matt Corrall continues to impress for Ole Miss tossing for 287 yards and two TDs plus running for 94 yards and two more scores. His counterpart at quarterback KJ Jefferson actually outdid him accounting for 411 total yards and six touchdowns. The 52-51 victory for Ole Miss could have been the centerpiece of the A block but art almost the same time as this was wrapping up, OU and UT were up to shenanigans of their own.

This game was also insane and so heated and back and forth it was almost like some kind of, I don't know, a shootout.

Bijan Robinson ran for 137 yards and a score highlighted by this long cutback exhibition.

Sooner back Kennedy Brooks actually topped Robinson by racking up 217 yards and two touchdowns including this incredible display of speed to win the game for Oklahoma.

Both of those games were worth me bringing out a third screen for the day, but we weren't anywhere near done. Wake Forest had to go to overtime to remain undefeated at Syracuse in the afternoon slot. The Demon Deacons are now 6-0 for the first time since 1944 and the Orange are two last second losses in a row closer to a new coach.

Oh and by the way the monster top five battle between Iowa and Penn State landed in this block as well. To say it was ugly compared to the early games is the kind of understatement fitting for a humble Midwestern setting.

The Nittany Lions lost their quarterback Sean Clifford to an injury and couldn't do much without him against the stifling Iowa defense. Four Hawkeyes intercepted a pass but as good as they were the offense was the polar opposite and almost actively bad. During one gloriously ugly stretch of football the following results occurred:
PSU Iowa ugly
Top five teams here folks.

Vintage B1G action. Please use the parental controls on your television accordingly.

Boise State was busy getting a huge win by knocking off No. 10 BYU on the road shortly before Virginia Tech and Notre Dame played another crazy game that saw the No. 14 Fighting Irish return to the win column. It also broke certain observers of the Hokies.

Meanwhile in the night games, Alabama and Texas A&M were in a tussle down in College Station. The Crimson Tide have looked vulnerable at times so far this season, but this certainly didn't feel like the week a former Saban assistant would finally knock him off. That was supposed to be the previous week when they thumped Lane Kiffin right?

Saban's record in such contests is 24-1 all right but it's all thanks to ol' Jimbo. I guess $9 million per year is worth it after all? It sure is to his kicker's family. Shout out for the nice jump over the wall at the end.

Odds and Ends

Stanford and No. 21 Arizona State yielded a case study in old school coaching logic Friday night. The Cardinal punted four times, all in plus territory. If you're a defender of David Shaw you may say, "They got three touchbacks, what's the problem?"

The problem of course is that all punts are turnovers. Full stop. There is zero reason to kick the ball in plus territory and the sooner coaches realize that gaining a net 20 yards is statistically less valuable than the chance of continuing the possession and scoring points, the sooner we will see better and more exciting football. We're trying to save big brained football men their jobs here people!
I mean, if you see numbers like that as an athletic director you're legally obligated to fire your coach before he leaves the field. It's in the Constitution.

It's nice to see kids having fun and all, but I don't think this team building activity sends the message they think it does. Of course it's Coastal Carolina with their mullets and teal field so maybe this is a normal evening at home for them. I'll just say that in my experience, college students should not be allowed chainsaws. We'll leave it at that.

Michigan State remains undefeated thanks largely to the dominance of Kenneth Walker III. He's always been a hidden talent, but Walker has hit another gear since leaving Wake Forest. It seems like he has a monster highlight or two every week and Rutgers wasn't going to prevent that. He now owns the record for longest play in Spartans history. It was so easy, he and his receiver were able to casually shake hands fifteen yards from the end zone. He's now first in the nation in rushing by a wide margin with 913 yards and is tied for fourth with nine touchdowns. Keep an eye on the speedy Spartan.