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11: How to Fix the Bowl Games/Playoff + Why Charlie Woods is Josh's New Favorite Athlete

By Hayden Cleek | December 21
On this week's episode of Sons of Saturday, Josh Parcell and Rossy "Three Stacks" Tudor discuss the final weekend of college football's regular season, and react to the College Football Playoff's final rankings, before coming up with a never-before-heard solution to fixing the bowl system once and for all (2:00). They then react to Charlie Woods' national TV debut over the weekend at the PNC Championship, where Josh and Ross debate which famous son/relative will be sports' next great superstar (29:20). They finish up with a quick look ahead at Week 1 of the bowl season with another edition of Spread Option (45:30). ** FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @JoshParcell @RossyThreeStax @SonsOfSat Visit for more great merch and new awesome content every day!