Student Scribes

"For Hokies, By Hokies."

The Sons of Saturday Podcast was founded in the fall of 2019 on that core principle.

One of the first things that happened when this website launched was the establishment of the “Scribes of Saturday.” The Scribes were a group of experienced writers who were hand picked to write about all things Virginia Tech. All of the Scribes had some prior writing experience on several different high profile mediums, which helped us to establish our website as a credible news source from the very beginning.

As the Scribes began writing different articles covering every aspect of Virginia Tech athletics, a thought occurred to all three Sons: What if we recruited current Virginia Tech students to write for the Sons of Saturday website? I mean seriously, we would be doing the student body a disservice if we didn't provide them with a platform to publish their work - should they be ever interested in such a medium.

Writing and publishing multimedia content for the masses is not easy. There are a lot of rules to follow. It can be high pressure and very fast paced. That said, we essentially wanted to create a space where students could interact with one another, receive feedback by more experienced writers and broadcasters, and bounce ideas off of one another.

This inaugural group of the Student Scribes of Saturday consists of both volunteers and direct referrals from Virginia Tech's Sports Media and Analytics professors. All of these ladies and gentlemen come from different backgrounds, different points in their academic careers, and different approaches to their individual style of content creation.

We look forward to not only seeing what the Student Scribes of Saturday create, but also look forward helping each and every one of them getter better each and every day.

And just to be clear, that self-improvement won't be one-sided either. We are confident that these students will teach all of us a thing or two that we can apply to make our own content better, which is an extremely exciting notion. In conclusion, the Sons of Saturday could not be more thrilled to have a "boots on the ground" angle of all the incredible things going on around Virginia Tech!

We hope you follow the Student Scribes of Saturday along on their journeys!