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5-Star Kicker Finds Home in Blacksburg

By Evan Norris | August 16
5-Star Kicker Finds Home in Blacksburg
John Love, Spartanburg High School

Hokie fans around the country are getting a hint of Beamer Ball with an addition in the special teams room. John Love, a 5-Star kicker out of South Carolina, committed to the Hokies after receiving a scholarship offer on Saturday night. This is a huge get for the special teams unit led by Coach James Shibest who mainly runs the tight end group.

Love’s measurements come in at 5-11 for his height and 155 for weight. He also is ranked as the 53rd best kicker in the nation, which has yielded him a 5-star rating from the Kohl’s Kicking site. In his home state, however, Love is ranked as the second best in kicker in the state of South Carolina.

On Love’s Kohl’s Kicking Profile, his evaluation reads, “He has one of the best legs we have seen in the 2022 class...Love should be able to play early in college with continued development!”. With reading this, it is easy to see why Shibest and the Hokie’s staff wasted no time in securing the 2022 Kicker.

Love will join other 5-Star kickers in the Hokie’s Special Teams room such as Kyle Lowe and Zach Hoban. Welcome John to the Hokie family as he holds down the special teams area for the 2022 Recruiting Class.

Evan Norris

What’s going on Hokie Nation! My name is Evan Norris and I am currently a junior studying HNFE here at Virginia Tech. I’ve grown up a Hokie my whole life, with family members being huge Hokie fans.

Growing up I’ve witnessed Virginia Tech Recruiting first-hand through family friends being recruited and through players at the University. Also growing up in some of the best recruiting areas the state has to offer, in the Hampton Roads Area and Richmond Area, I have seen great high school football growing up. This has led me to strive for a future career in college football recruiting. I run @RecruitVT on Twitter/Instagram to keep up engagement with prospective recruits and fans alike.

You can follow me on Instagram (@evantnorris) or on Twitter (@evannorrist). And with no further regards, Go Hokies!

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