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75 Days Out: A Gameday Weekend in Blacksburg Poll

By Adam Rothe | June 20
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There are 75 days until the Hokies kickoff their 2021 season... How popular are your opinions about a gameday weekend in Blacksburg?

It's the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. You are making your way to Blacksburg for a football game for the first time in over a year. Perhaps it's a family affair and you're with your parents and grandparents.

Once you arrive in Blacksburg, the whole fam is hungry...

Where are you having dinner the night before the game?
The Cellar
Cabo Fish Taco

Dinner was great, but it's time to meet up with your friends and hit the bars.

What drink are you ordering to get the night going?
Sharkey's Long Island Iced Tea
ToT's Rail
Hokie House Double
El Rod's Jumbo Texas Margarita

DT Blacksburg was a great time as always, but you have to go to sleep so you can wake up and tailgate...

The game is at 6pm, so when will you start tailgating?
As soon as I wake up
After breakfast
Around noon
Early afternoon
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Speaking of tailgating...

What is your go-to tailgate spot?
Center Street
Parking lots around Lane
At a bar downtown
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Perhaps during your tailgate ESPN's College GameDay is on in the background...

Which one is luckier and helps the Hokies win?
Lee Corso picking Tech to win
Lee Corson picking Tech to lose
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You crushed the tailgate. Now it's time to make your way into Lane Stadium for the game...

Where are you sitting?
North Endzone
East Stands
West Stands
South Endzone

So you know where you are sitting, but you still want to get there before Enter Sandman right...?

Which type of person are you regarding making it for Enter Sandman?
Get to seats early
Sprinting through the stadium at the last second to make it on time

The game has kicked off and has been going for a quarter or so. Your post-tailgate hunger starts to emerge...

The Lane turkey leg is iconic, but will you get it?
Yes, will get it during the game
No, it's not worth the trek

The game has ended, and the perks of a 6pm start time means there is still time left to go back downtown. You've had yourself quite the day and night and need something to feast on before you pack it in...

What late night food joint are you hitting?
DP Dough
Waffle House

Another glorious weekend in Blacksburg is sadly over. Time to go back to the real world...

If you're an alumni, where did you make the trip to Blacksburg from? If you're a student, where would your family be coming from?
DC/Northern VA
Virginia Beach/757
Charlotte or Raleigh
Somewhere else

Hope to see all Hokies in Blacksburg this September!

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Born and raised in the Washington, DC suburbs my Hokie experience didn't really begin until my older sister enrolled at Tech in 2005. I was lucky to start following in '05, smack dab in the middle of a run from 2000-2010 that featured national championship caliber Hokie teams. Finally my time came to go off to college in 2012, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When I'm not sighing over another jet sweep you can find me traveling the world (20+ countries so far) or trying a new restaurant in the DMV.

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