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A Conversation with Adam Rutledge

By Brett Smith | September 14
A Conversation with Adam Rutledge

Sons and Daughters, I had the pleasure to sit down and talk to the rockin’ country singer behind “Great Day To Be a Hokie”, Adam Rutledge. If you have never heard this song, you’re missing out because it is the ultimate Hokie tailgate song. Today, Adam re-released is with updates and edits to the current program along with a surprise you will find out….

Below is the music video of the original song released by Virginia Tech Athletics in 2014.

On how “A Great Day To Be a Hokie” was born…

“I just love the football team so much and I wanted to figure out a way to write something that people would play at tailgates. I wanted to walk around on gameday and hear people blasting that song and be a part of their experience.” Adam said.

“My wife and I actually wrote some lyrics together, we hashed out catch phrases like ‘Beamerball’ and ‘Lunchpail Defense’. I wanted something the Tech fanbase can relate and experience with.”

On what inspired him to play guitar/sing…

“A buddy of mine gave me a tape of a live Lynyrd Skynyrd set and that’s when I heard Free Bird for the first time at 13 years old. It was a gamechanger. My dad also has always been in music and we play together still!”

On the re-releasing of “A Great Day To Be a Hokie”…

“All the profits that the song generates will go directly to the Hokie Club. I just want to give it back to them [Hokie Club] and help out, and more importantly do my part for the program. The program brings me and my family so much joy and I just want to help. ”

An incredibly awesome gesture in my book.

More Hokie Talk

On what his favorite Hokie memories are…

“The Carolina game last year was just a blast in recent memory. The LSU game in ’07 was an awesome experience as well even though we didn’t win. The Miami game with the famous Logan Thomas TD is another one that comes to mind,” Adam said.

“When I started dating my wife, we went to the Syracuse game in ’99 when we won 62-0. That was fun to watch Corey Moore.”

On his top three Hokies…

“Xavier Adibi is number one. I love that guy! I got to meet him at one of the bowl games in the lobby, he was larger than life to me and loved talking to him. Bryan Randall is another, loved him as well,” Adam said.

“I’d have to say Tre Turner is my number three. When all the receivers were transferring, he stuck around after his great freshman year. He immediately became a leader and won me over because of that.”

On his favorite bar in Blacksburg…

“I’m going to say Champs. I used to have a southern rock band that would play there once a month and we had a lot of good times!”

Rock On, Hokie Nation!

On top of releasing his new version of “Great Day To Be Hokie”, this Friday he is releasing his first full-length album “Don’t Stop”. It’s a big week for Adam! Below is a link that will take you directly to the new version of “Great Day To Be a Hokie” and directly to Adam’s music where you can find his other releases.

"Great Day To Be a Hokie"

If you are in the Salem, Blacksburg, or Roanoke area as well, Adam is having a drive-in concert to kick off his new album this Thursday night at the Salem Civic Center!

Sons and Daughters I prompt you to stand up and start jumpin’ with our friend Adam, because while you support him you also are supporting the Hokie Club. Who doesn’t love a song about gameday at Virginia Tech? Share it, stream it, buy it, just give it a million spins!

Adam's links:

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