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Darryl Tapp to Join NFL Staff

By Evan Norris | January 27
Darryl Tapp to Join NFL Staff
Darryl Tapp at Virginia Tech Practice

The news was made official by the Virginia Tech Program on Co-Defensive Line Coach Darryl Tapp leaving for the NFL on Wednesday morning. With rumors swirling all week, it was almost inevitable that the jump from CFB to NFL for Darryl Tapp was going to happen.

The former Hokie decided to leave for the San Fransisco 49ers to take on a similar role he held on the Virginia Tech Staff. This means that, until further notice, Bill Teerlinck will be taking over the full duties at the DL coaching spot.

Tapp's journey thus far has been a unique one following his departure from the NFL after 12 years. He started his coaching tenure at Central Michigan as a defensive quality control analyst. Tapp spent a year with the Chippewas after leaving for Vanderbilt in 2019 to run quality control for their special teams.

Tapp then rejoined his alma mater in December of 2019, where it was announced that he would be joining Bill Teerlinck as a co-defensive line coach for Virginia Tech. In his year with the Hokies, Tapp brought a strong presence in the locker room and with in-state recruiting.

The Virginia Tech Football Staff will have a huge task on their hands in finding a replacement for Darryl Tapp. Rumors have already started coming about with Graduate Assistant Zach Sparber being the main name to possibly replace Tapp.

We will see Darryl Tapp in his full form next season coaching for a 49ers squad who went 6-10 in 2020 and finished last in their division. Despite their record, the 49ers boast one of the best defensive lines in the league. To see how Tapp can add onto that will be an intriguing storyline to view for the 2021 NFL season.

Evan Norris

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