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Dining Hall Favorites - D2 & DX

By Adam Rothe | November 03
D2 Dining Hall

In the legendary landscape of Virginia Tech dining there has to be one that is thought of less by the general student population. That would be D2.

D2 is the only all-you-can-eat buffet style dining hall at Tech and perhaps the most underrated. Hokies are spoiled with their dining hall options and D2 tends to slip through the cracks. At any other university in America D2 would most likely be their best dining hall. You can eat all over the world at D2. Choose between Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, American, and beyond. Oh yeah, then there's the vast dessert counter and the Sunday Brunch menu that rivals West End.

Then there's DX, D2's little brother, which sits just under D2 on the outside of the building. I'd have to say out of all the options at Tech, DX has the most character. DX is an essential piece of the freshman year experience. If you didn't come back from a party one night and go to DX you missed out. DX was an absolute show past midnight on the weekend. Besides the fun entertainment you get by going there late at night, there's also the food.

You can get anything to suit your late night desires, such as personal pizzas, burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, corn dog nuggets, and more. But don't forget to grab a Powerade or water as well for the following morning...


The delicious duo of D2 and DX has produced some of our most memorable meals:

Adam Rothe - DX Pizza

To be honest, I was never the biggest fan of D2. As Tech students, we are spoiled with the options of dining halls we have and I think most would agree that D2 is probably the least popular one, unless you're an offensive lineman on the football team and need to eat 6,000 calories a day. Being that, it would probably be the best dining hall at 99% of other universities around America.

However, I did frequent DX, especially as a freshman. If you don't come back late one night from a party as a freshman and go to DX you are missing out on a vital part of the Tech freshman experience. DX popped off during the weekends after midnight. Regarding the food, I always went with the personal pizzas. They always hit the spot late at night and were the perfect amount of food. Occasionally I'd dabble with a chicken sandwich or the famous CDNs (corn dog nuggets), but my go-to was the pizza, usually pepperoni if it wasn't sold out

Preston Huennekens - DX Custom Subs

I loved the concept of DX and hit it frequently. Ordering a custom sub, grabbing a Powerade, and leaving in under 5 minutes was ideal when you were late for class or if you parked your car somewhere it shouldn't be. Corndog nuggets were a close second here, but that is more of a hammered snack than an actual meal.

Taylor Caskey - DX Pizza

As a freshman, if you didn't wake up with a DX pizza in your bed after the occasional night out, then you didn't do it right. I loved D2 because it always had so many great options that I'd devour after a long lacrosse practice. However, if you were to be out late at night, DX was where it was at. I remember getting back to campus and taking the short walk over to DX. The pizza had just the right amount of grease that made it a fan favorite. DX was also always popping off after 12 AM. Tons of kids would come back and swarm the outside. There would be people dancing, skateboarding, I mean you name it, it probably was happening late night at DX. It truly makes me miss my freshman year.

Justin Cates - D2 Sandwich Station

As a freshman I lived on the second floor of Pritchard Hall, which was oddly on ground level and directly next to the mail room. Dietrick was 30 seconds away so if I timed it right I could walk over and grab some burgers or a chicken sandwich and be back in my room before the end of a commercial break. But that wasn't terribly good food, just convenient and a Godsend late on a Saturday night. My main thing here was upstairs in D2 where I ate at the sandwich station nearly every meal. It was nothing fancy but was toasted just enough to melt the cheese and crisp the bread slightly. I also had a tendency to load my pockets with cookies before leaving which facilitated an astonishing supply of snacks in our room.

Ryan Wilkes - DX Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Nothing hits better than a warm Buffalo chicken wrap after a Hokies football game. Not the best food in the world, but it definitely gets the job done.

Billy Ray Mitchell - DX Wraps

DX wraps were absolutely incredible for the late night crowd. Fries, tenders, banana peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, BBQ Ranch, and some other greatness I cant remember all I know is it was always phenomenal. Grab a ton of ranch and blue honey mustard for the fridge on the way out. Maybe even a few Mr. Pibbs or some other beverages. I also want to add that D2 is criminally underrated. Being in Blacksburg in the summer it was the only option, BUT Billy Ray loves a good buffet and the bang for your Buck (Swipes) doesn't get better than D2. From the grilled sandwiches to the knockoff chipotle, even the off brand fruit juice machine; I loved it all. Also shout out to Deet's Place. The Blacksburg Sunset was a staple on my freshman year. Summer or winter.

Brett Smith - DX Custom Subs

My heart was broken when I found out they stopped doing custom subs my junior year. Undefeated midnight snack in my book. It took minimal time to make and you could always count on it tasting amazing.....even sober. RIP.

What are your favorites from DX and D2? Let us know in our social channels!

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