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Florida State Seminoles Offensive Scouting Report

By Rob Trimber | October 03
Florida State
Image via CBS Sports.

Florida State Seminoles Offense: Scheme - Multiple

Impact Players:

QB Jordan Travis

RB Trey Benson

WRs Keon Coleman and Johnny Wilson

Florida State runs a very well balanced attack. Both their passing and running games are very efficient. They average 4.7 yards per rush as a team and QB, Jordan Travis, averages 8.5 yards per completion. In the running game, Florida State likes to run 2 primary schemes. One is zone read with an option to keep for Travis, who is a very good runner from the QB position. The second is counter trey. This play involves a false step by the running back in one direction and then taking the hand off going the other way behind a pulling guard and tackle. The counter run has been a staple of the Seminole offense since Head Coach, Mike Norvell, arrived in Tallahassee. Formation wise, Florida State loves to run out of a 2 running back set from the shotgun. They love to run from split backfield, a running back on either side of Travis, because either running back can receive the hand off. In the passing game, Florida State loves to attack downfield often with very athletic wide receivers. Travis is accurate and good at extending plays with his legs to give his receivers time to get open.

Needless to say, the Virginia Tech defense will face an extremely tough challenge this weekend against an offense that can hurt you in almost any way. They have an experienced offensive line coupled with an equally experienced and talented QB. They deploy a solid 3 running back rotation lead by a powerful runner in Trey Benson. The Seminoles also have a freakishly athletic and big wide receiver room. Wide outs Keon Coleman (6'4") and Johnny Wilson (6'7") are a handful for any secondary. Both are good in jump ball situations and Keon Coleman in particular is dangerous after the catch. Coleman's strength and speed make him hard to bring down, which is why they also have him returning punts.

Defensive Keys:

Virginia Tech will need to replicate the performance they had last week against a solid Pitt rushing attack. The Hokies need to win first down. If Virginia Tech can get the Seminoles into second and third and long, they will have a great chance at success. In Florida States' last game against Clemson, their offensive line showed a bit of weakness in pass protection. Clemson was very aggressive and brought blitzes all game. The Seminole offensive line struggled to pick up these blitzes, which resulted in some key stops for Clemson in that game. I would expect Virginia Tech to bring pressure to stop the run and to harass Jordan Travis. This game will be the first real test for Virginia Tech's defensive backfield. Statistically, the Hokie defense has been great against the pass. That will be put to the test this week. If Virginia Tech can win first down and get Florida State into obvious passing situations, then Virginia Tech's secondary will have an easier time. The key, as always against good QBs, will be pressure.

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