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Football Recruiting Update: 6/15/21

By Evan Norris | June 15
Football Recruiting Update: 6/15/21
VT Commit Devin Farrell with high school teammates Maurice Clipper Jr, Gilles Tchio, and Jack Nickel

We wrap up yet another weekend of official visits for 2022 football recruits, and the Hokies are halfway done for their June visits. With talks of recruits flipping their commitments in favor of the Hokies, familiar faces returning, and many new ones finding their way on campus; we will take a look into the top news in Virginia Tech Recruiting.

"Country Roads, Take Me Home" - The Hokies hosted WVU Commit Corbin Page on the June 4th visit weekend. The 2022 recruit secretly made his way to Blacksburg, not telling his West Virginia coaches that he would be doing so. Of course, this made quite a splash, especially after some of the social media happenings following the visit.

It was reported that Page had announced his flip of commitment from the Mountaineers to the Hokies on a late-night Twitter post, but had changed it since. Some speculate that he wanted to take his visit to WVU before announcing a potential flip to the Hokies. We also have seen some signs of his commitment to WVU dissipate after his visit to Virginia Tech.

As of right now, Corbin Page is rated at a 0.8839 (3-Star), according to 247 Sports. He also is ranked as the #1 player out of West Virginia for the 2022 Recruiting Class according to the same site. His 6-5, 257 pound frame lends him a tremendous hand against his opponents, and Page is known to do a lot of great outside blocking for the offense.

He's Back - Remember that one Virginia Tech player that laid out a Pittsburgh player on a hung out throw back in 2013? Well he, Kyshoen Jarrett, will be joining the Virginia Tech Football Staff as our new Assistant Director of Player Personnel. Jarrett will be taking the mantle of the position formerly held by Corey Fuller, who took a role with the Carolina Panthers.

Kyshoen played for the Hokies during the 2011-2014 seasons and was even a team captain for the team in his senior year. His coaching experience started at the Washington Football Team and will now move back to his roots in Blacksburg. Welcome Coach Kyshoen back home!

Who Was in Town? - The second weekend of visits occurred with many targets coming in to check out what Virginia Tech has to offer.

OL Jakson LaHue - 0.8527 (3-Star)

OL Braelin Moore - 0.8638 (3-Star) COMMITTED

WR Tucker Holloway - 0.8400 (3-Star)

TE Jack Nickel - 0.8784 (3-Star)

QB Devin Farrell - 0.8635 (3-Star) COMMITTED

OL Gilles Tchio - NR (No Stars)

OL Maurice Clipper Jr - 0.8577 (3-Star)

WR Caleb Douglas - 0.8527 (3-Star)

RB Bryce Duke - 0.8466 (3-Star)

EDGE Michai Hill - NR (No Stars)

Full Capacity - It was announced yesterday that Lane Stadium will be a full capacity venue this fall for the 2021 football season. This of course will follow the guidelines appointed to us by the state of Virginia. And if all goes according to plan, the Hokie's game against North Carolina on September 3rd will be a fully packed game.

Evan Norris

What’s going on Hokie Nation! My name is Evan Norris and I am currently a junior studying HNFE here at Virginia Tech. I’ve grown up a Hokie my whole life, with family members being huge Hokie fans.

Growing up I’ve witnessed Virginia Tech Recruiting first-hand through family friends being recruited and through players at the University. Also growing up in some of the best recruiting areas the state has to offer, in the Hampton Roads Area and Richmond Area, I have seen great high school football growing up. This has led me to strive for a future career in college football recruiting. I run @RecruitVT on Twitter/Instagram to keep up engagement with prospective recruits and fans alike.

You can follow me on Instagram (@evantnorris) or on Twitter (@evannorrist). And with no further regards, Go Hokies!

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