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Game Recap: Week One vs ODU

By Dominic Boltz | September 03
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Tech Triumphs

Hokie fans can finally let out a deep sigh of relief. Starting out the season 1-0 always calls for celebration. Virginia Tech supporters have been give a glimmer of hope for a successful year under Coach Pry.

When looking at the Quarterback play, many would have thought we would have seen more from first-year transfer Kyron Drones. However, Coach Pry let Grant Wells take control of his team and run the offense through the entirety of the game. It was a shaky start for Grant, as he showed glimpses of the sloppy play that had him on the hot seat to begin with. As the game progressed we saw Wells gain confidence and comfortability in his throws as he pushed the ball down the field and found his receivers for multiple big gains. Grant completed the winning effort completing 17 of his 29 passes totaling 251 yards and 3 Touchdowns.

Undoubtably, the star of the show this week was Wide Receiver Ali Jennings. As a transfer from ODU, it was obvious he was playing for more than just a win. He played with a chip on his shoulder in his attempt to show up his former teammates. Jennings led the team in receiving yards with 72 on 5 catches, 2 of which went for touchdowns. There was a great deal of hype when Ali transferred to Virginia Tech, and it is safe to say he lived up to it in his debut.

See Ali Jennings' first touchdown in the Maroon and Orange below.

The Hokies pass defense looked formidable against the Monarchs, allowing only 95 yards in the air throughout the contest. Furthermore, the Hokies secondary sealed the game in the fourth quarter with an interception by standout Dorian Strong. Along with the secondary, there was much production from the pass rush as the Monarchs had problems getting the ball in the air all night.

On the Defensive Line, there were struggles to stop the rushing attack from ODU as they allowed 201 rushing yards, most of which came from the Monarchs QB Grant Wilson. The Hokies could have had more problems in the run game if it wasn't for two fumble recoveries in key moments of the game. The Defensive line will have work to do as they will face tougher run offenses throughout the season.

See the Hokies defense come up with the ball on a fumble late in the third quarter in the video below.

Antwaun Powell, a transfer from the University of Florida, stood out on the Tech D-line in his first game as a Hokie. Powell led the team in tackles with four as well as two assisted tackles. The Lunch Pail defense accounted for 5 sacks, 2 of which Powell was credited. The Hokies were getting pressure on ODU's Quarterback all game making it hard for the Monarchs to get any passing game going.

Energy and Excitement

What stood out to me the most in the contest was the energy and charisma being brought from every Hokie in Lane Stadium. The players, Coach Pry, the fans, and social media were all buzzing to see their squad put up a solid performance. The stadium stayed packed all the way until the the game was sealed in the fourth quarter. While the Hokies have disappointed in recent memory, it is certain that the energy and passion for this team stays strong. It will be tough for any team to come into Lane Stadium and leave with a win. The Hokie faithful are eager for next week to see their team perform again.

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