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Good Morning Football: VT at Boston College

By Kyle Beene | November 11
Louisville SOS 4119
Kyron Drones cycles through his reads in Louisville (Grant Pearrell)

Week 11: VT at Boston College

Good morning Hokies! Virginia Tech continues its short two-game road stint in Massachusetts this week, battling Boston College. If you find yourself in the Chestnut Hill area, kickoff is set for noon at BC’s Alumni Stadium.

Game Outlook

Virginia Tech has looked great the last few weeks, with the exception of its trip to No. 15 Louisville last weekend. The only team on the schedule at Louisville’s caliber was No. 4 FSU, a game that went slightly better. The loss is unfortunate, but not unexpected; this game doesn’t really affect the season outlook.

No matter how good Tech is, BC always finds a way to keep it close or upset. Boston College is a grueling opponent for all the Virginia Tech teams, every year, football included. If history has taught VT fans anything, it’s that Boston College shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Eagles have one loss that jumps out, 29-31 against Florida State. BC led the game through the first quarter and held a tie until 90 seconds from halftime. The Seminoles had their way in the third. Then BC put up 19 unanswered points from 1:02 left in Q3 through the end of the game. An L in the books yes, but that’s a great game against a top-5 team this season.

One of the keys to the Hokies' success is keeping the running game alive. When Bhayshul Tuten and Malachi Thomas can keep the chains moving, good things happen. It stretches the defense and opens up the offense, leading to points. VT hasn’t won without a hot start and 30 points on the scoreboard. An early lead with lots of volume on offense is the way to a .500 record.


Today’s matchup is set to be a bit on the chilly side in the 40s. Pants and a jacket is my pick for the day to stay warm all game, as it’ll only get colder as the sun goes down.

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Things to Know

For everything else you need to know, check out the Hokiesports website here.

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Me Ronnie

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