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Good Morning Football: VT vs NC State

By Kyle Beene | November 18
Good Morning Football: VT vs NC State
Bhayshul Tuten blasts into the endzone for a touchdown (Virginia Tech Athletics)

Week 12: VT vs NC State

Good morning Hokies! Virginia Tech returns from a big win against Boston College to take on the NC State Wolfpack for the last home game of the season. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game will be on the ACC Network. Additionally, as it’s the final home game this year, the seniors will be recognized on the field pregame for all their contributions to the team.

Game Outlook

Virginia Tech is in a great position at this point in the season. With two games left at 5-5, a win against NC State means bowl eligibility. In Brent Pry’s second year at the helm, six wins plus a bowl game is right on track with Hokie Nation’s expectation for the team’s development. Finishing up 6-6 or 7-5 is something to be proud of.

While unlikely, there’s still a path to the ACC Championship game for VT. At the moment, VT, UNC, and NC State are tied for third place, behind Louisville and FSU. For a VT-FSU rematch, a few things have to occur. (Stats below for ACC play only)

1) Miami beats Louisville today – Louisville is still in second at 6-2. VT, UNC, and NC State tied at 4-2.

2) VT beats NC State today – NC State falls out of the race. VT in second at 5-2 and UNC in third at 4-2.

3) UNC beats Clemson today – UNC and VT at 5-2 tied in third place.

4) UNC beats NC State next week – UNC at 6-2 tied with Louisville. VT at 5-2 in third.

5) VT beats UVA next week – Three-way tie with VT, UNC, and Louisville at 6-2.

In this scenario, Virginia Tech would advance to play FSU in the ACC Championship game, as they’d have the best record among common opponents. The head-to-head loss to Louisville doesn’t factor in since it’s a three-way tie.


It should be fairly nice during the tailgating hours and early parts of the game. Once the sun starts setting with the breeze, you’d better be dressed for the cold. I’d recommend jeans and bringing a warm jacket along.

(The Weather Channel)

Things to Know

For everything else you need to know, check out the Hokiesports website here.

Around the ACC

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