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Hokie Hitter Of The Week: Boston College

By Mike Holmes | November 13
Strong BC
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

What a game!!! The Hokies needed to come out aggressive and not let a trip up to Chestnut Hill turn into a rock fight in front of dozens of BC fans. The Hokies set the tone early with two interceptions and an onside kick to keep the Eagles grounded. The Hokies offense sputtered in the red zone early but dominated the game with a mixed attack on the ground that combined inside and outside zone plays, confusing the BC defense and allowing Tech to rack up over 600 yards of offense in the game.

Most of the success VT had in this game was a result of sticking to the run game and using tendency breakers to soften the BC defense. Plays that had worked for the Hokies earlier in the season, made their triumphant return to the offense and led to the most prolific offensive performance in the Pry era.

Let's Break It Down:

8:54 2nd QTR: Drones Run to set up Lane TD

This play is set up by VT committing to the run game throughout the early portion of the game. The outside zone toss had already been working well and we had shown the counter motion earlier in the game. On this play BC overloads the offensive left to take away Tuten, Drones reads this pre-snap and is able to wait patiently for the pulling linemen to get to their blocks. The play is 100% perfectly blocked and Chaplin is able to get a body on the safety, the WR’s block excellently downfield and Drones picks up a massive chunk of yardage.

7:04 2nd QTR: Motion to Set Up TD for Lane

This play actually should not have counted, but I’m glad it did! Tech ran this same play a few weeks earlier against Pitt and Bhayshul Tuten caught the touchdown. This time, Lane is the recipient of the excellent play design. On this play, the goal is to take advantage of aggressive man coverage and use misdirection to beat that man coverage. Lane goes into an “orbit” motion and the DB responsible for coverage thinks he is going across the field. Once the defender gets over the ball, Lane returns back to catch the flare pass, Gosnell does a great job of setting a pick and Lane walks in untouched! The Reason for this play not counting is that Steven Gosnell is covering up the Tight End and Parker Clements is the last man on the line of scrimmage on the right side, Illegal formation.



I am a 5th Generation Hokie. I have Orange and Maroon blood coursing through my veins. I was lucky enough to attend VT from 1999-2003 and graduated with a history degree. I became a history teacher and football coach working my way to spending multiple seasons as Head Coach at schools in North Carolina and Colorado.

I now live in Colorado, with my wife and son and do what I can to follow the Hokies from afar. The outstanding team here at Sons of Saturday was gracious enough to let me talk some football and be able to impart some my knowledge gained from years spent on the sideline.

Aside from following the Hokies in all sports, I am a fan of the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, and Carolina Hurricanes. I also try to play a lot of golf and enjoy skiing out here in the rockies!

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