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Hokie Hitter of the Week: UVA

By Mike Holmes | November 30
UVA 8055
Photo: Grant Pearrell

It's always great to beat UVA. It’s especially great to beat them down in all phases of the game. Offense, defense, and special teams all excelled in the absolute thrashing of the little brother of Commonwealth. This week I am looking to break down how the offense continues to grow and develop into a potent attack through the air and ground. As Kyron Drones develops into a more well-rounded quarterback, opposing defenses will not be able to cover all of our weapons consistently and this was on full display against the wahoos. Let's take a look at some key plays early in the game that sent little brother to bed early without his supper.

The Plays:

3:11 1st QTR 4th and 2: Drones to Gosnell Touchdown

What an outstanding play design early in the game on a short yardage down and distance. UVA lines up in an odd front to give us a slightly different look and space for LBs to make plays. Hokies line up initially in a 2x2 twins look on offense and motion Benji Gosnell over to the left side H-back. The coverage doesn’t change which tells Drones that its a zone look on the back end. UVA’s safety remains stacked over the corner which also tells Drones to expect a CB blitz. VT’s playfake to Tuten with the split zone look from Benji Gosnell and the O-Line invites in the linebackers and freezes the safeties who get their eyes caught in the backfield. The backside receivers are stalk blocking which means it’s a single receiver route and all Drones has to do is wait for Steven Gosnell to clear the safety in coverage, he delivers a perfect ball, and Gosnell takes it to the house!

14:00 2nd QTR 1st and 10: Tucker Holloway Touchdown

What an outstanding job by Bowen and company for building on past successes. If UVA watched any film on us at all, they would realize that anytime Turner-Bradshaw is on the field he is a threat in the run game. UVA is in their base D look with Cover 4 on the back end trying not to get beat on the deep ball. Tech runs a jet sweep to XTB and Wright and Tuten provide a great sell on the sweep along with Bob Schick who “G” pulls to the jet sweep side. This pulls both linebackers and the backside safety to scrape to help in run support. XTB flips the ball to Tucker Holloway and has the entire UVA defense turned around. Felton stalks to the inside as his CB bails in cover 4 and Drones boots in front of the play and helps create a wall. The remaining right side linemen release downfield and provide an escort for Holloway as he hits paydirt!

The Breakdown:


I am a 5th Generation Hokie. I have Orange and Maroon blood coursing through my veins. I was lucky enough to attend VT from 1999-2003 and graduated with a history degree. I became a history teacher and football coach working my way to spending multiple seasons as Head Coach at schools in North Carolina and Colorado.

I now live in Colorado, with my wife and son and do what I can to follow the Hokies from afar. The outstanding team here at Sons of Saturday was gracious enough to let me talk some football and be able to impart some my knowledge gained from years spent on the sideline.

Aside from following the Hokies in all sports, I am a fan of the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, and Carolina Hurricanes. I also try to play a lot of golf and enjoy skiing out here in the rockies!

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