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Hokies Secure 4-Star Cornerback

By Evan Norris | August 14
Hokies Secure 4-Star Cornerback
4-Star CB Cam Johnson

It’s seeming like a bit of déjà vu with the Hokies only days after landing Mansoor Delane. This time, the Hokies secure 4-Star Maryland CB Cam Johnson. Johnson made his commitment to the Hokies public on Saturday afternoon.

In his latest camp measurements, we saw Cam Johnson come in at 6-0 for height and 165 pounds for weight. For his film, Johnson displays a crazy amount of speed. This allows him to play to his upmost potential on press coverages and balls thrown out front. He can match slot receivers pretty well, which is impressive nonetheless. However, Cam Johnson may need to gain some mass before he fields for the Hokies, but the Virginia Tech already had this in mind.

As of now, Johnson is rated at an .8952 (4-Star) on 247 Sports and is ranked as the 324th player nationally. I don’t see Johnson floating much up or down with his rating, but a strong senior season could prove otherwise.

We saw the Hokies extend an offer to Cam Johnson in March of last year. It was looking like a wide open race for the longest time for Johnson’s commitment. At late, we saw teams such as Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Maryland being the main contenders in the 2022 CB’s recruitment. A pairing of Cornerbacks Coach Ryan Smith and CB commit Mansoor Delane (Johnson’s 7v7 teammate) made a commitment to the Hokies seem hard to pass up. And when Delane confirmed his commitment to the Hokies earlier in the week, all eyes were on Johnson to deliver.

Johnson will now become the twenty-second commitment of the 2022 Virginia Tech Recruiting Class and the second commitment out of the state of Maryland. Make sure to welcome Cam to the Hokie family!

Evan Norris

What’s going on Hokie Nation! My name is Evan Norris and I am currently a junior studying HNFE here at Virginia Tech. I’ve grown up a Hokie my whole life, with family members being huge Hokie fans.

Growing up I’ve witnessed Virginia Tech Recruiting first-hand through family friends being recruited and through players at the University. Also growing up in some of the best recruiting areas the state has to offer, in the Hampton Roads Area and Richmond Area, I have seen great high school football growing up. This has led me to strive for a future career in college football recruiting. I run @RecruitVT on Twitter/Instagram to keep up engagement with prospective recruits and fans alike.

You can follow me on Instagram (@evantnorris) or on Twitter (@evannorrist). And with no further regards, Go Hokies!

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