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Practice Recap, August 19th

By Dominic Boltz | August 20
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Hokies at Practice via Gobbler Country

Grant Wells getting first reps as starting Quarterback

At Fridays practice we got to watch a portion of Grant Wells first reps after being named the starting Quarterback on Thursday. He was seen throwing passes in a 1v1 drill between the Running Back and Linebacker groups. Wells passes were thrown precise, and with a tight spiral. He showed the ability to throw receivers open on multiple occasions. Wells avoided placing throws near closing out defenders which is an encouraging sign seeing that his most glaring problem last season was his turnover ratio. There was a buzz around Grant when he began to take snaps as you could see everyone on the field tuned in to watch him sling some passes. With the season opener at ODU just two weeks away, Wells is getting much needed reps that will make for a comfortable offense come week one. With his new starting spot and Captaincy, expect Wells to emerge as a leader for the team this season.

Tyler Bowen working closely with Tight End group

Tyler Bowen has made it clear he is an Offensive Coordinator that will heavily involve his Tight Ends. Yesterday at practice, Bowen worked with the tight ends group on a variety of drills. He worked with the group extensively on drills involving blocking down field, and creating space on short routes. Bowen, a former Tight Ends coach at Penn State, is well aware of what is necessary for excellence from this position. Throwing the passes himself, Bowen is getting an in depth look on what TE's could be versatile for different looks on offense. Bowen attempts to breed production out of his tight end group that will feature players such as Drake Deluliis, Nick Gallo, and Connor Blumrick on occasion. With the attention he puts towards the group, expect Bowen to involve his tight ends on many sets in his offense this season.

Energy and competition at every position

If there were one word to describe the feel of the practice, it would be energetic. There is an excitement on the field and on campus about this team that hasn't been seen in quite some time. Coach Pry was running around getting players hyped up and involving himself in every drill. Pry shows much charisma and passion in his coaching, and that is reciprocated by the players when they work. The intensity in the competition was obvious throughout practice. The coaches demanded every rep be with full enthusiasm and effort. With many positions open for the taking, players are fighting for playing time and starting positions. Pry is not only bringing in a change of staff and scheme, but also a shift in the culture. It is obvious in Pry's involvement on campus and with media that he is hoping to make our football team one that is revered among students and Alumni.

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