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Quit Crying. It's HATE WEEK!

By Robert Irby | December 07
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It has been a rough time to be a Virginia Tech football fan. The Hokies have lost four games in a row, and fan morale is perhaps at an all-time low.

But you know what? Virginia Tech is playing the University of Virginia in football on Saturday, which means one thing: IT’S HATE WEEK.


The beauty of a rivalry is that it unites one fan base against another; no matter how you feel about this Virginia Tech team, its coaching staff, or its future outlook, we can all agree that we want to beat UVA more than anything.

This year, especially, has a little more meaning to it. Last season, UVA beat the Hokies for the first time since Facebook was invented, ending the illustrious 15-game Hokie winning streak and stealing the Commonwealth Cup right out of her Blacksburg home.

The goal of this article is to get you, the fan, to channel all of that anger, frustration and disappointment you have felt this season, and pour it into passionately rooting for our beloved Hokies to wipe the floor with our little brother, starting a new winning streak and telling the Commonwealth Cup, “This is Home.”

To further put it into perspective, let’s take a look at what star Hokie WR Tre Turner had to say about the situation after last year’s game:

This game means a lot, getting the Cup back means even more, but what means the most is causing all of those tiny Hoos down in Hooville to cry, “Boo, Hoo, Hoo.”

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Let’s remember the sort of fans we are going up against. No one explains it better than the Hot Take Machine himself, Colin Cowherd:

BUT WAIT! There’s more:


I know what the critics are saying: “How could anyone possibly expect the Hokies to win this game? They’re 4-6, and they’ve lost four games in a row!”

My answer to that question is a history lesson. If you recall, the last time the Hokies and Hoos played in Blacksburg (2018), Virginia Tech was 4-6 and had also lost four in a row. Does anyone remember how that one went?

In case you forgot, here are some highlights for you:

That’s right. The much-maligned Hokies, who ended up finishing with the first losing record by a VT team since 1992, still found a way to put it together and beat the Hoos.

This is fun. Let’s go on a journey through more VT vs. UVA history, shall we?



This is one of my all-time favorites. It is perhaps the strongest punch-in-the-mouth the Hokies have ever given the Hoos.

Virginia Tech came into the game at 10-1, while UVA was 8-3. It was a winner-take-all matchup for both the Commonwealth Cup and the ACC Coastal Division.

Despite the Hokies’ superior ranking (#5), the Hoos were a popular pick at home. Could this be the year the Hoos finally end the streak and unseat VT as the power-that-be in the Coastal, securing a trip to the ACC Championship game?

The Hokies’ answer: “No.”

Logan Thomas and David Wilson combined for five touchdowns while the Lunch Pail Defense completely dismantled the UVA offense, leading the Hokies to a 38-0 victory.


The next season was not nearly as successful for the Hokies, as they came into the Commonwealth Clash with five wins.

But with a bowl bid on the line, the Hokies still came through, with help from UVA coach Mike London inexplicably waiting until there were four seconds left in the game to call a timeout before Cody Journell’s game-winning field goal.

Idiot gif


With another trip to the ACC Championship on the line, the Hokies once again welcomed the Hoos to Lane Stadium.

UVA coach Al Groh decided to get creative, naming high-school-QB-turned-DB Vic Hall as his starting QB for the first time all year. Hall had a good game for the Hoos running the ball, rushing for 109 yards and two touchdowns.

However, Groh was not comfortable enough to let Hall completely take the reins, as Hall only threw one pass while Marc Verica rotated in to throw the ball.

In yet another UVA coaching snafu, Groh rotated Verica back into the game after Hall led the Hoos to the VT 25 yard line with a chance to win or tie the game. Verica instead threw an interception in the end zone to Dorian Porch (not Purnell Sturdivant) with 2:30 remaining.

UVA had another chance, but that was extinguished by a huge Purnell Sturdivant (not Jason Worilds) sack, and the Hokies went on to win their second ACC Championship in a row.


In a much less competitive game, the Hokies were yet again hosting the Hoos with a trip to the ACC Championship on the line.

The Hokies absolutely took care of business, obliterating the pathetic Hoos and dooming them to an ACC-worst 2-10 record. Fan-favorite Sam Rogers rushed for 105 yards and two touchdowns while wearing the #25 jersey in his last game in Lane Stadium. Picturesque.


This one is for you more, let’s call it, “distinguished” Hokie fans. Those of you that are quick to (correctly) reply “You think this is Rock Bottom? You should have been there when we went 2-8-1 in ‘92!” on Twitter.

The Hokies had not joined UVA in the ACC yet but were on their way to a Big East Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. The 20th-ranked Hokies were underdogs against the 13th-ranked Hoos.

Jim Druckenmiller connected with Jermaine Holmes to take a 30-29 lead with 43 seconds left.

Then, on the last play of the game, Hokie cornerback Antonio Banks intercepted a Mike Groh (son of Al) pass and took it all the way to the end zone, sealing the game as a 36-29 victory.

Banks scored despite a tripping attempt by UVA Head Trainer and certified Froufrou-Daiquiri-Drinking-Non-Alcoholic-Beer-Chugging-Weenie Joe Gieck.

This guy stinks

There are so many other great moments in VT-UVA history. Feel free to share them with us on Twitter!

And remember, no matter the situation, no matter how divided the fanbase is, and no matter how inconsistent the team’s performances have been...we are ALL united in our disdain toward UVA football!

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