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Ranked Hokie Teams are Everywhere (also bad weather)

By Justin Cates | February 19

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

— Mark Twain

Winter has been out in force across the nation in all the regular spots and plenty that aren't accustomed to such things. We here at the show are sending positive vibes to Texas in particular, but also to anyone struggling to weather the weather.

Locally I've had a slow but steady accumulation of snow and ice. Check out the forecast from this past week.

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 10 29 19 PM

Personally I appreciate the optimism of, "Possible snow, then snow for sure!".

I give some casual winter driving tips in the show this week. It may seem like I'm talking down to you in a direct affront to what I said not to take in the video, but there's a difference between friendly advice and being a jerk about it.

Anyway, this week we highlight the many ranked teams in Blacksburg right now. It's entirely possible I missed one given how many there are.

We also highlight some more music.

Antone Exum fought through injuries during his career and managed to lay the wood for a several seasons in the NFL. Now he's out here crushing a different field and this time it's the world of music.

Performing under the name 'EXUM', he recently released the jam "Dark Kept Secret" and you need to watch the video below. I mean watch my thing too, but Exum's video is must see.

While we eagerly await the return of men's basketball, check out this week's show filled with winter driving tips, advice for handling 'the olds', and a run down of some of Tech's ranked teams.


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