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Rothe from the Top Rope - WVU: More of the Same

By Adam Rothe | September 28
WVU 2022

A much hyped night game on national television... and an all too similar result

It is becoming harder and harder each week to think of new things to say about the 2022 Virginia Tech football team.

Truth of the matter is they just aren't very good. This is a result of poor talent and development left behind by Justin Fuente combined with nonstop undisciplined penalties that it appears Brent Pry and his staff have yet to correct, among a plethora of other things.

Listen, if you're a rational Tech fan you were prepared for this, but I'd say just seeing how abysmal the offense has been is a bit alarming. The worst part is by far and away the offensive line. A unit that went from above average on most Saturday's to the worst in the ACC and only a few spots from the bottom nationally in less than one season is quite shocking.

It's a mystery that fans and analysts alike try to unravel each and every week. How can a unit that supposedly has talent based on last year, be so damn bad even after bringing in a supposed upgrade at the coaching spot of famed Wisconsin OL Coach Joe Rudolph?

I mean just look at this... it makes me want to throw up!

Everything in football is related. It may not seem that way but it is.

Offensive line can't run block? Hokie offense can't run the ball.

Hokie offense can't run the ball? This makes the team one dimensional.

Have a one dimensional team? This makes the WVU defense able to pack the secondary making it nearly impossible to throw.

No throwing options? Hokie offense is consistently in 3rd and long.

Consistently in 3rd and long? Hokie offense will punt more often.

Punting more often? Opposing team (WVU) will have the ball longer.

Opposing team has the ball longer? Your elite defense gets tired.

Elite defense gets tired? Hokies get blown out.

Only up from here... right?

If there's a glimmer of hope just for simply playing better it's that this offensive line can almost statistically not get any worse. There is literally only up from here.

Enter UNC... in a hurricane.

UNC has one of the worst defenses in the entire country, but on the flipside they have one of the most prolific offenses through 4 weeks.

Want to see how the two QBs competing this Saturday compare? Shield your eyes.

Grant Wells (QB1) - 844 yards, 5 TD, 5 INT

Drake Maye (QB1) - 1231 yards, 16 TD, 1 INT

Combine Maye with UNC's lead rusher, Omarion Hampton, who has 256 yards and 5 TDs, and Tech absolutely needs to score to have any hope of beating UNC in Chapel Hill.

Having an elite defense like Tech's is a weapon, but they're all human. If the Tech offense cannot sustain drives and get points at the end of them than the Hokies are in for a long afternoon in a rain drenched Chapel Hill once their defense wears out.

But as UNC fans say, "games played in hurricanes don't count."

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Born and raised in the Washington, DC suburbs my Hokie experience didn't really begin until my older sister enrolled at Tech in 2005. I was lucky to start following in '05, smack dab in the middle of a run from 2000-2010 that featured national championship caliber Hokie teams. Finally my time came to go off to college in 2012, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When I'm not sighing over another jet sweep you can find me traveling the world (20+ countries so far) or trying a new restaurant in the DMV.

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