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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Offensive Scouting Report

By Rob Trimber | September 12
Rutgers QB, Gavin Wimsatt, breaking Temple DB, Elijah Clark's tackle, via AP News.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Offense - Scheme: Spread

Impact Players:

RB Kyle Monangai

QB Gavin Wimsatt

Virginia Tech's defense will face a great challenge this Saturday. Rutgers has averaged 30 points through the first 2 games. Some of that might be misleading as the Rutgers defense has forced several turnovers to set the offense up with a short field. Nevertheless, this offense is capable of moving the ball. Using the spread scheme, Rutgers utilizes a dynamic backfield to run the ball early and often. Quarterback, Gavin Wimsatt is a very capable runner and has an arm that can push the ball down the field. Rutgers also has a deep running back room lead by a powerful runner in Kyle Monangai. Their offensive line is tough and physical. They fire off the ball and consistently create holes for the ball carrier, whomever that may be. Wimsatt, at 6'3" and 225 lbs, is fast and not afraid to lower his shoulder to get extra yards. Monangai is never brought down by the first tackler. He always gets yards after contact. Defensively, the Hokies are going to need all 11 players pursuing the football and wrapping up when they get to it.

As one might expect from a Greg Schiano coached team, Rutgers likes to run the football. Against Northwestern, They ran the ball 44 times and 52 times against Temple last week. They run primarily inside and outside zone schemes. Wimsatt has an option to keep the ball on just about every run play. This does not mean that Tech can key in on the run all the time though. Wimsatt has a rifle for an arm and has good touch and accuracy on his deep ball. Here is a clip from the game against Temple where Wimsatt displays his arm, accuracy, and touch all in one throw.

Wimsatt is also good at reading a defense and recognizing opportunities. On the play in the next clip, he recognizes a corner blitz from the right side. He had his running back running a wheel route to that side. A good Quarterback knows that when a defense blitzes, there will be space behind where the blitzer came from. Wimsatt quickly sees this and puts the ball right on his receiver, who takes it to the end zone for a touchdown.

Rutgers sends their running backs on wheel routes from the backfield as seen on that play often. So, that is something the Hokie defense will have to be aware of and game plan for. It is hard to tell how good the Rutgers receivers really are at this point in the season. They have not faced a good pass defense yet. But, they do get open and catch the ball when it's thrown their way. The main focus of this offense is to ware out the defense by consistently running the ball. Both Northwestern and Temple were worn out by the 4th quarter. Rutgers likes to grind teams down. It helps that Rutgers has yet to trail in either of their first 2 games. It is easy to establish the run when you are playing with the lead all the time. If Virginia Tech can stop them early and not let them get going, then they can test Wimsatt as a passer and see what these receivers are made of. Virginia tech's pass defense is its strength. They need to do their best to play to it. Do not play Rutgers football.

Images via AP News and Lancaster Online.