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Sons of Saturday Presents: ❄️Frozen Takes of Football❄️

By Grant Mitchell | December 11
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Taken from: Reddit

Khalil Herbert should've stayed at Kansas, crazy upsets and an undefeated bid?

The Sons of Saturday have compiled a list of some of the wackiest takes on the internet pertaining to the this season of Virginia Tech football. Make sure to tweet your favorites to @SonsofSatVT and include any wild predictions that you may have heard yourself.

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#5 Champs of the ACC

This year has not gone how the Hokies had planned.

After climbing as high as 19th in the national rankings, a 2-6 backstretch of the schedule doomed Blacksburg's chances of having their team represented in the Conference Championship. This must have come as a surprise to one journalist in particular, who gave these thoughts back in July:

“As for Fuente, his Hokies should be one of three teams with very serious aspirations about playing Clemson in Charlotte in December… It’s time to treat the Hokies like the first-class [Atlantic Coast Conference] football program they are.”

— John Buhler, Fansided

Though the nostalgic appreciation of the program's reputation is well-deserved, this season was not exactly the "first-class" performance that Mr. Buhler foretold of.

The Hokies recorded a four-game losing streak for only the second time since 1992 (the first also occurred under Head Coach Justin Fuente's tenure) and are facing an identity crisis at the quarterback and play-caller positions.

In short, the only team playing Clemson in December will be the men's basketball team. Tune into the ACC Network on December 15th for that.

#4 Clemson Who?

The Clemson Tigers have won two of the past four National Championships, boast a 9-1 record and have the best draft prospect since Andrew Luck behind center.

They have steamrolled their way through this season, falling only to Notre Dame during Trevor Lawrence's absence, and look to be the favorites to run the tables again.

The Tigers' multidimensional attack on both sides of the football combined with their winning pedigree have made them perennial favorites to dominate the ACC every weekend. However, one fan specifically was suspect of a looming upset.

Taking a leaf out of Robert Irby's book, Times New Ryan used some questionable logic to imply that the Hokies were capable of, or even likely to take down Clemson when they visited Lane Stadium.

Unfortunately for these two and the rest of the VT following, this did not happen.

The Tigers blew the game open in the second half and defeated the maroon and orange by 35 points. The search for a major upset will continue, though Robert Irby may have found a new pen pal.

#3 Darrisaw the Buzzsa- I Mean Bust?

Virginia Tech Offensive Tackle Christian Darrisaw has been a beast since he stepped foot on campus in 2017. Only given two stars as a high school recruit by ESPN, Darrisaw shocked the world by making Pro Football Focus' College Team of the Week as a freshman following a dominating performance against UVA.

Darrisaw's highlight reel is so impressive that he is practically guaranteed to go in the first round of next year's NFL draft. After all, when he is creating lanes like this, how could he not?

Moments like the ones in the video above have been a recurring theme for the Virginia Tech offensive line, affectionately nicknamed the "Vice Squad."

However, despite his exceptional play the past four seasons, the Tech OL may have suffered a setback in his draft stock following the scathing critiques of one “astute” Twitter user.

Mr. BarrowRoll seems to be committed to "proving" Darrisaw to be nothing more than an extra-protected, over-fluffed just-another-guy out on the field.

It is clear that this individual has put a lot of time and effort into his theory, including video references and specific examples as evidence of his main idea. This type of commitment to discovery deserves acknowledgment from true sports fans.

For all of his effort, the tweeter's case would be quite compelling if statistics did not exist: unfortunately, they do, and his case is not compelling.

The lead member of the Vice Squad has not only turned in top-tier individual performances, he has helped his team notch the sixth-most rushing yards of all FBS schools this season and been a model of consistency, starting every game in 2020.

The 6'5, 314lb Maryland native is only one Roger Gooddell announcement away from suiting up on Sundays rather than Saturdays next year.

#2 A Bid at Perfection

Alabama. Ohio State. Clemson. Virginia Tech?

According to one article based on ESPN win percentages, the Hokies were supposed to join the pantheon greats of college football this season (cue the music).

Our time is coming. If not this season, eventually.

"But ESPN is positive... the Hokies have huge potential. Is 10-1 possible?"

— Nathan Reynolds, Gobbler Country

Following a 2-0 start to the season, Nathan Reynolds accurately pointed out that ESPN favored Virginia Tech in eight of their nine remaining contests. However, both author and audience should have anticipated the unpredictability of college sports and 2020 in general.

Rather than making a miracle run back to the nation's elite, the Hokies find themselves sitting on a 4-6 record with one game remaining. Rumors about potential new head coaches, namely Clemson Offensive Coordinator Tony Elliott, have been swirling: maybe this is the change needed to get the Hokies to fulfill their 10-1 prophecy. Maybe ESPN needs a new algorithm. Time will tell.

#1 Herbert the Blocker

After the announcement of Khalil Herbert's transfer from the University of Kansas to Virginia Tech, many fans were ecstatic. The Hokies were in the process of losing former ball carrier Deshawn McClease to the NFL draft and were in need of a bell cow back to compliment Raheem Blackshear and Jalen Holston.

Herbert seemed like an ideal replacement, having averaged 8.9 yards per carry in a shortened 2019 season. However, the presumptive all-ACC team member may have been lacking in one specific aspect, according to a speculative fan:

Screen Shot 2020 12 10 at 4 52 56 PM

That's right: pass blocking. The early-season Heisman candidate that drew praise from Kirk Herbstreit and other major media members was an unconvincing transfer for Orion86. Perhaps the University should have stepped in and instructed Justin Fuente to pursue a fullback or utility lineman that could have offered additional structure to the offensive blocking schematics rather than the nation's leader in all-purpose yards.

Herbert's stellar play this season is likely to earn him a spot on a professional roster, though he must be sure to study the technique of greats such as Larry Allen and Dan Dierdorf if he wants to guarantee his transition to the next level.

While we are at it, what's his quarterback rating?

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