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The Scribes Weigh in: Hokie "Icons"

By Evan Norris | April 09
Former HC Frank Beamer pictured with former QB Michael Vick

According to, the word "icon" is defined as " a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it". Now if you think of that definition of icon in terms of talking about Virginia Tech, a few different names might come in mind.

Today, the Scribes tackle the question of who their Hokie "icon" would be. The title of icon doesn't stand alone in sports, but can range to any Hokie that has represented the university and its values.

Grant Mitchell

Dale Jenkins

Dale Jenkins, Advanced Instructor at the School of Communications

"Dajenki" as he is known to his students (derived from his email address) is one of the most intelligent professors that I have encountered at Virginia Tech. His teaching style is one that allows you to make mistakes, so that he can show you where you need to improve. He is extremely strict in his grading, but also very helpful and accommodating. His classrooms are highly productive and focused, and he always has a smile on his face. He represents Virginia Tech's principles because he is informed and intelligent, selfless and caring, and a true asset.

Adam Rothe

Nikki Giovanni

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Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor in Department of English

The world famous poet, educator, and activist didn't go to Virignia Tech as a student, but forever etched her name into Hokie lore after she delivered the iconic and stirring "We are the Hokies. We will prevail" chant-poem at the April 16th Memorial Convocation just days after the tragedy. Giovanni has taught at Tech since 1987 and her classes are always nearly impossbile to get into as every single student wants to be taught by the Hokie legend. She epitomizes everything a Hokie should aspire to be each and every day.

Sam Jessee

Britney Spears

David lucado 2
Britney Spears in Hokies gear

In the dawn of the social media age, there was no better marketing for a college program than famous alumni and/or fans. For the Hokies, being located in the mountains of Virginia made this a tough ask. Not many celebrities are gonna walk around in Chicago maroon and burnt orange unless they're rocking the Beyoncé's IVY PARK collection by Adidas.

But then, a girl from the backwoods of Louisiana named Britney Spears is seen wearing Hokies gear regularly in 2013. At the time she was dating David Lucado, a Virginia native, who is a huge Hokie fan. The two unfortunately split after Lucado was seen partying with other women. But hey, time can heal many wounds, and I'm sure there's a Hokie sweatshirt tucked in the dresser that Spears will throw on for some lounging every now and again.

Evan Norris

Darryl Tapp

JLF 181117 VT UM TSL064
Darryl Tapp and his wife Tiffany

When I heard the news that former Hokie football player Darryl Tapp would be rejoining the team, but as a coach this time, I was ecstatic. Darryl had been a huge favorite amongst my family and the program alike. This was not solely because of the results that came on the field from his Hokie tenure stretching from 2002-2005, but because of how Darryl manages to become one with the communities he lives in.

It took no longer than about a month or two before everyone felt the energy that Coach Tapp brought back to Blacksburg. He managed to create a huge blend of honesty, loyalty, and hardwork and fueled that into his coaching and recruiting in his time here. Coach Tapp's name is spoken highly of on Virginia Tech's grounds no matter where you might find yourself. This, to me, shows the true mark that Tapp has instilled himself as a Hokie icon permanently.