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The Transfer Transcript: Virginia Tech vs. Purdue

By Alex Arnett | September 12
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Hokies defensive coordinator Chris Marve rallying his troops

(All picture credits to Scooter Waller)

The Hokies competed in the longest rain delay in the history of college football, but sadly they lost. It sparked by a 5 and a half hour lightning delay, but it wasn’t all negative. There were a few positives from the game, some of which were supplemented to some new transfer from this year. Some Hokie transfers didn’t record any statistics. Ali Jennings sustained an injury before the delay, DaQuan Felton saw time on the field but was not targeted, and Clayton Frady did not see any action.

QB Kyron Drones

Former School: Baylor

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Drones was thrown into the fire on Saturday and showed flashes

Drones saw no action in the first 57 minutes of the football game, but with Grant Wells not being 100% along with some recent inconsistencies, it forced him into the fire. He took his first snap and delivered a dart across the middle to Daequan Wright for 26 yards. He also had a powerful run for 13 yards in the wee minutes of the game. While he didn’t lead the Hokies to a W, he did show promise and athleticism that could lead him towards to helm next wear in New Jersey.

WR Jaylin Lane

Former School: Middle Tennessee State

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Lane was the most consistent target for Grant Wells this week

Jaylin Lane had a master drive to end off the first half. On first down he had an 18 yard grab delivered by a pressured Grant Wells. The very next play was a 13 yard reception. The two plays landed the Hokies at the Purdue 24 yard line with the help of a roughing the passer call on the first play. Lane was rewarded for his strong start with a two yard touchdown. He was officially scored with five grabs for 54 yards.

RB Bhayshul Tuten

Former School: North Carolina A&T

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Tuten made huge strides in the passing game this week

Tuten didn’t have much room to breathe when he attempted to run the ball, but he is a problem in the passing game. Tuten had two catches for 45 yards. He gained the bulk of the yards on a 30 yard catch and run for a touchdown. He had eight carries for a lowly four yards, but once he gets some runs into open space, his total should skyrocket.

DB Derrick Canteen

Former School: Georgia Southern

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Canteen had a huge third stop against Hudson Card and the Boilermakers

Canteen may not have stuffed the box score, he sure made an impact on his one tackle. On a critical third and one late in the fourth quarter, Canteen stepped up and stopped Hudson Card for a loss of two. Canteen was manning the nickel corner spot for this game, as he can play any defensive back position.

DE Antwaun Powell-Ryland

Former School: Florida

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Powell-Ryland had more success stopping the run than rushing the passer on Saturday

APR once again had multiple TFLs. He had four total tackles, two of which were for a loss of yardage. He has continued to show how much of a force he is on the defensive line, and his stat line aptly describes that.

Transfer MVP: Jaylin Lane

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Lane achieved his MVP status through volume and reliability

Lane once again was a force to reckoned with in the slot. He had a big mistake that led to the first interception of the game where he misread the defender, but overall he was one of Tech's best weapons yet again. He is shifty and can create separation on his routes en route to ample yards after catch. Lane will continue to be a top target for his QB, whomever that may be in the coming weeks.


Been a Hokie as long as I can remember. My Logan Thomas jersey number matched my age at the time of the photo. Love following Hokie Sports and recruiting.

My favorite VT Sports memory was when myself my dad and my grandpa were seated just above the VT sideline as Quincy Patterson barreled into the endzone to seal the 6OT win Vs UNC

Go Hokies!!

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