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The Transfer Transcript: Virginia Tech vs. Old Dominion

By Alex Arnett | September 03
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Jaylin Lane hauls in a tough contested pass (AP)

The transfer portal, love it or hate it, it’s changing the way we look at college football. It can flip a position group from one of your weaker spots to an opposing coach's nightmare. Welcome to the Transfer Transcript, where we take a look into how this off-season's pickups have contributed to the team. Last night's victory vs. ODU shows just how much of a difference these guys can make. Lets dive in!

WR Ali Jennings Former School: ODU

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Ali Jennings hauls in a deep ball along the ODU bench (TechSideline)

Arguably the highest touted transfer of the bunch was pass catcher Ali Jennings. It was clear he was out for blood against his former team and he did not disappoint. He had a slow start, not getting a reception until there were two minutes to go in the first half. Luckily for him, that first grab was a perfectly placed crossing route for a touchdown courtesy of Grant Wells. He kept that momentum from the first frame to secure his second touchdown of the night. He almost achieved a hat trick before he was tripped up after a 44 yard gain down the sideline.

WR Jaylin Lane Former School: Middle Tennessee State

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Jaylin Lane fights off the tackle en route to a touchdown (HokieSports)

This was the first time the VT faithful had been able to see Jaylin due to his injury prior to the spring game, but he had a great first impression. His lighting-in-a-bottle persona was clear since the first time he got the ball. Grant Wells’s first completion was to Lane, and they kept that connection rolling to set up a 20-yard score over the middle on the first play of the second quarter. Lane also made a spectacular over the shoulder catch on the VT sideline for 34 yard before the half. He also handled most of the punt returning duties, averaging 10 yards a pop.

WR Da’Quan Felton Former School: Norfolk State

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Da’Quan Felton races down the sideline for a 34 yard gain (TechSideline)

Felton may have only had one grab yesterday, but he made sure to make it count. He grabbed a short hitch route and spun around his defender into green grass. He was forced out of bounds only after a gain of 34 yards. When he wasn’t running routes, he was providing a solid boost in the run blocking department.

QB Kyron Drones Former School: Baylor

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Kyron Drones lowers his shoulder to fight for extra yards near the goal line (HokieSports)

Drones battled Grant Wells hard during fall camp, and didn’t make the decision for Brent Pry a straightforward one. He ultimately didn’t get to job but Pry told media dthat Drones would get some burn in the game, and he made good on that promise. Drones got in during a redzone drive in the first quarter and completed a pass to Malachi Thomas before he was targeted by an ODU defender. He had a few rushes near the goal line to no avail. Coach Pry said postgame that will continue to work Drones in every game.

RB Bhayshul Tuten Former School: North Carolina A&T

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Bhayshul Tuten fends off a defender (AP)

Tugboat Tuten was the feature back for Tyler Bowens offense and he lived up to his name. He runs hard and fights for extra yardage. His yardage per carry of 2.9 isn’t jaw dropping, but it would be much lower if he went down at first contact. Most of his runs required a squadron of blue jerseys to corral him. He picked up a few key blocking assignments to buy time for his QB to stretch the field. He also tacked on a catch for five yards.

DE Antwaun Powell-Ryland Former School: Florida

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Antwaun Powell-Ryland pokes the ball free from Grant Wilson (TechSideline)

Powell-Ryland comes from battling teams like Georgia and Tennessee every year in the SEC East, and he showed the world he came to play. He was ferocious off the edge with a quick first step to leave the tackle in the dust. He got two sacks last night, with one being a strip sack that got covered up by an ODU lineman. He also showed he could stuff the run as well as he could rush the passer.

DB Derrick Canteen Former School Georgia Southern

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Derrick Canteen celebrates a fumble going the Hokies way (TechSideline)

Canteen was all over the place tonight, as a utility player of sorts. He filled gaps in the cornerback and nickel back positions. He made a key momentum shifting play after the halftime break. The Monarchs drove into Hokie territory on the back of their running game, and they kept pounding the ball until a second down run lead to Canteen delivering a huge hit and jostling the ball free onto the turf. It provided the spark the offense needed to come out firing and pull away en route to victory.

Transfer MVP: Antwaun Powell-Ryland

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Powell-Ryland (Right) celebrates a stop with Josh Fuga (Left) (TechSideline)

Gotta save the best for last, right? Overall the transfers had a phenomenal game, but Powell-Ryland just separated himself by providing constant pressure beyond the box score. The team is riding high and ready to take on the Purdue Boilermakers at home once again, led by transfer QB Hudson Card.


Been a Hokie as long as I can remember. My Logan Thomas jersey number matched my age at the time of the photo. Love following Hokie Sports and recruiting.

My favorite VT Sports memory was when myself my dad and my grandpa were seated just above the VT sideline as Quincy Patterson barreled into the endzone to seal the 6OT win Vs UNC

Go Hokies!!

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