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"Virginia Tech Football: The Pandemic" Trailer

By Grayson Wimbish | September 16
"Virginia Tech Football: The Pandemic" Trailer

We’ve been through it in 2020, ya’ll. This pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare. Let’s be honest – none of us thought we’d ever get to this point. If you actually thought that the college football show would go on, you’re lying to yourself... at least a little bit. That notion aside, college football IS actually being played right now, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Unfortunately, the Hokies have been on a streak of bad luck as of recent. Our opener with NC State was postponed because of COVID issues, and now the battle for the Commonwealth Cup has been postponed for the same reasons.

You got lucky UVA. More time to prep. But we’ll see ya’ll real soon.

College football is the only thing in my life that currently feels normal. I’m sure many of you reading this share that same sentiment. To celebrate that notion, I did what I love to do the most: create an electrifying video experience for the masses to enjoy.

This trailer is the third that I have produced prior to Virginia Tech’s first game over the past three seasons. I wanted to create something a little bit different than football clips over an Avengers trailer audio track (as I’ve done in the past). To make this trailer possible, we partnered with @HokiesFB. Daniel Sabatino and his team were kind enough to allow us to use some of their incredible footage captured from last year and this offseason (for which we are so unbelievably grateful).

As you watch, you’ll notice that there are clips of the iconic lunch pail made famous by legendary defensive coordinator Bud Foster. The lunch pail technically retired with Coach Foster this offseason, but a constant theme remains the same: The Lunch Pail Defense (LPD) was born in the darkness of foggy Blacksburg nights. That mentality and ruthless aggression will remain as a standard under new defensive coordinator Justin Hamilton, who is a product of the LPD and helped set that standard.

There won’t be fans in Lane Stadium this year, but that doesn’t matter. The expectations remain the same. Exit Light, Enter Night.

And as the Lunch Pail Defense legend Corey Moore so eloquently put it:



This trailer is dedicated to the memory of Patricia Stockdale, who was a loving mother, teacher, mentor and positive light in this world. You will be so dearly missed!

Grayson Wimbish

Hey ya'll, I'm Grayson Wimbish, and I am a Son of Saturday. From the very beginning, Hokie has been part of my history. Both of my parents, my grandfathers, my uncles, my aunts, and a plethora of other extended relatives have all attended the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Some of my first memories of watching Virginia Tech football were with my old man in Lane Stadium, and I cherish those memories very dearly. After graduating from VPI in 2018 with a degree in Multimedia Journalism, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I am currently pursuing a lifelong dream of working in the film and television industry. At my core I'm a loud-mouth, cold-beer drinking, family-oriented country boy from Virginia (and that will never change). If you ever see me around on the rare occasion I'm in Blacksburg, please holler at me! I've never met a stranger in my life, and am always down to talk anything Virginia Tech related. Forever and always - GO HOKIES BABY!

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