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Week 1 West Coast Son Report: NC State

By Grayson Wimbish | September 26
Week 1 West Coast Son Report: NC State

As a result of living on the west coast, I'm not always able to make it every time the Sons press record. Does it pain me a great deal? Yes. Have I missed out on some incredible guests? Sure.

However, we have always found a way to make things work. We've found a way to find that perfect 'balance' if you will. After Bill, Pat and Laze pressed record this past Wednesday, I was super bummed I couldn't be there to chop it up week one style with the fellas.

No matter though!

When there is a will, there is a way. And this is my way. I have always loved producing video content, and if I can't join the Sons for a score prediction on the podcast, then I might as well film myself doing some variation of that same concept, right?

This week, I was blessed to be joined by my good friend and fellow LA Hokie Eric Avissar to weigh in on all things pre-NC State game. Eric and I talk all three elements of the game, who we're excited about watching for the first time, COVID concerns, which player we think will score the first touchdown, and the key(s) to the game. We hope you enjoy!

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