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Whoami? Pt. 2

By Grant Mitchell | January 31
Whoami? Pt. 2

Still want more after last week? Desperate for revenge maybe?

Fess up: how many of you did not know the last feature was former star running back and first-round NFL draft pick Kevin Jones?

Oh well, here is another chance for you to win a prize from our online store and brag to your friends about how much smarter than them you are! Here we go:

Vt entrance
Photo: Virginia's New River Valley

1. I am best known by a nickname as opposed to my real name.

2. I was selected by the Texas Rangers in the 1982 MLB draft and the Baltimore Orioles in the 1985 draft, though I did not sign either time. I finished college baseball with a 6-1 record and 3.99 ERA.

3. My son-in-law is teammates professionally with one of my sons.

4. I was born and raised in Harrisonburg, Virginia, before enrolling at VT in 1982.

5. My middle child is currently coached by one of my contemporaries: he and his team defeated me and my team 4-1 in the 1993 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals.

6. Trailing 88-94 with 10.9 seconds left, I tossed an alley-oop inbound pass off the backboard to my teammate, Vince Carter, who nearly threw down a windmill that would have gone down as one of the best dunks ever.

7. I have stolen the most passes in the history of Virginia Tech basketball, male or female.

8. Despite not playing with an official three-point line in college, I am best known for my distance shooting.

9. I won my highest award in 1994, claiming the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year trophy.

10. My basketball jersey number was retired by my alma mater and is shared by a recent MVP winner.

This one should not be too bad: although, if last week's premiere was tough for you, this one may be too.

Once you have settled on your answer make sure to tweet @SonsofSatVT with your guess and how many clues it took you to infer it for an opportunity to win 40% off of an order in our online store (must be following us on Twitter)!

Here's a sneak peek at this week's figure:

Screen Shot 2021 01 20 at 2 10 40 AM
Photo: Tech Sideline
Grant Mitchell

My name is Grant Mitchell and I am a Junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Sports Media & Analytics. The first college football game that I ever watched was Tech versus my dad’s alma mater, UVA, and after Tech took a 43-3 lead I became a lifelong fan. I was born and raised in northern Virginia and competed in track and field through high school and my first year of college before transferring to VT. I love to tell a good story and keep close track of all things sports related, so I hope to provide the best content for you that I can!

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