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By Grant Mitchell | January 24

Whether student, graduate or distant fan, here is a chance to show your knowledge of Virginia Tech's sporting history.

Listed below are ten clues pertaining to an athlete from the past or present: the goal is to deduce who the "mystery" figure is in as few clues as possible. If you stick around until the end, you will learn how your VT fandom could help win you a prize!

Without further ado, here is the list of information about the first "Whoami?" character.

Lane stadium
Photo: Virginia Tech Athletics

1. I ran for 496 yards and three touchdowns in the final three games of my freshman year despite not being the featured back at the start of the season.

2. After a stint in the NFL, I returned to my alma mater for three years to study industrial design.

3. I narrowly missed an opportunity to be paired with Michael Vick in the backfield but did play with his brother Marcus and future first-round draft pick DeAngelo Hall.

4. I was a two-sport athlete in high school, running track and field in addition to playing football. I ran 10.27 seconds in the 100m and long jumped 22 feet 8.44 inches.

5. The Chicago Bears signed me in 2008 to become teammates with Brian Urlacher, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Devin Hester.

6. In 2000 I was the #1 high school recruit in the nation. During my announcement I held up a Penn State jersey to announce that I would NOT be committing there, ripped off my sweater and revealed a Virginia Tech jersey.

7. I was selected by the Detroit Lions with the 30th overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft.

8. My post-football career revolves around the work of my design business, Joba Studio, that I co-founded in Blacksburg in 2015.

9. The best game of my professional career came in week 13 of my rookie season when I rushed for 196 yards and a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals.

10. 2003 was the best year of my collegiate career. I led the nation in rushing touchdowns and was voted a Consensus All-American, one of eight in the program's history.

Did you guess it? Come on, this one is easy!

Tweet @SonsofSatVT on Twitter with who you think the mystery player is and how many clues it took you to figure it out for a chance to earn 40% off in the Sons of Saturday online store (must be following to enter)!

The correct answer will be revealed in the next edition of "Whoami?", though this picture may help you.

Kevin jones
Photo: Virginia Tech Athletics