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Coach Mike Young Interview Summer 2021 | 3 Big Things In Hokie Nation

By Grayson Wimbish | June 14
Mike Young

Summer doesn't necessarily always mean vacation in Blacksburg. Things are on full tilt with Virginia Tech athletics in the off-season, especially with the football program. The Hokies have had two big recruiting weekends over the last few weeks, Kyshoen Jarrett recently joined the locker room as the Assistant Director of Player Personnel, new early enrollees are now officially on campus, and Coach Fuente and Coach Hilgart are grilling burgers in Lane Stadium. That's awesome.

In other news, a lot of the Virginia Tech football team recently changed their numbers as a result of the Hard Hat initiative implemented by the coaching staff. People can scold me all they want - yes, I said I didn't like emulating anything UVA did. I stand by that. However, new numbers are always exciting, especially the single digit defensive linemen. Norell Pollard wearing #3? I mean, come on. That's the best thing we've ever heard.

What else? Oh yeah - Coach Mike Young joined the Sons for the second time! The intro unfortunately was cut out (our fault), but we still have a great interview that I won't spoil here. All I'll say is that I snuck in a "progrum" of my own as a textbook pandering move. Thanks for joining us again Coach Young!

We can't wait for next season!