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An Emergency David Hale Joint/Caleb Farley/ACC Schedule/ACC (sorta) Notre Dame!?!? | Special Guest: David Hale

By Billy Ray Mitchell | July 29

Well...that escalated quickly. ESPN ACC writer David Hale joins the podcast on the wildest day of ACC Football news since quarantine. Shortly after 4pm EST, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that standout Hokies defensive back Caleb Farley is the first player to announce that he will forgo the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns. Farley stands as the highest ranked cornerback in the upcoming 2021 NFL and considered one of the best defensive prospects in the nation.

A whole sixteen minutes later, the ACC announced its modified schedule for the 2020 football season. Known as the '10+1' model, this schedule consists of ten conference games, plus one non-conference game that must be played in a state where another ACC team resides. Additionally, Notre Dame will be competing for an ACC Championship bid for the first time ever. All teams will be measured solely on winning percentage in ACC play and the top two (regardless of division) will face off in Charlotte on either the 12th or 19th of December.