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Australian Hokie Club | Special Guest: Justin Hamilton

By Billy Ray Mitchell | September 16

It all started on September 3rd...

Following the Hokies triumphant win over UNC in week one, Twitter was buzzing and everyone wanted to tip the cap to Tech's defensive coordinator, Justin Hamilton (for good reason!). Tech held UNC to a mere 10 points and all but ended Sam Howells Heisman Trophy campaign before it ever really began. However, in the midst of all the hoopla and excitement people were making one small error... They were congratulating Justin Hamilton, THE COMEDIAN IN AUSTRALIA!

Of course mistakes happen and sometimes you could get a text or twitter mention from someone by mistake, but this was hundreds of Hokies congratulating some one almost 10,000 miles away from Lane Stadium.

Then... something special happened. Without skipping a beat, Justin leaned into the love from Hokie Nation and took some time to engage with the fans and play along. After doing some research on the program and university, Justin decided he was all in! In one of the most backwards and crazy ways you can imagine, Justin was now a part of Hokie Nation and has pledged his "Fan-hood" to Virginia Tech.

This is a reminder of the power of social media. For all of its flaws, events like this are what make it so special. Connecting with people on other sides of the world and sharing in experiences together. We couldnd be happier to have Justin as a new member of the Hokie family.

You can check out some of Justin's work on his website or subscribe to his podcast embedded below!