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Commonwealth Clash: Chris Long, Dwight Vick & Davon Morgan

By Pat Finn | December 10
Chris Long

We've got a big game on Saturday.

Alright everyone. It's been an interesting year since we lost the cup. And we were supposed to reclaim our sweet, sweet cup on September 19th. Then COVID happened.

Now, here we are in December, awaiting our showdown with the Virginia Cavaliers for an 8pm battle on Saturday night in Lane. With no fans.

Instead of a standard preview, we decided to jazz it up a little bit. With the help of the great resources of Twitter and the Hokie network - we brought in 3 guys to the Sons of Saturday who are quite familiar with the Virginia Tech-UVA rivalry: Chris Long, Dwight Vick, and Davon Morgan!

Chris Long...

^^Is this...trash talk?!

Virginia football legend Chris Long joins us for a quick sit-down. You're probably saying "wow Sons...really? Chris Long? You brought a Hoo on to your podcast? Why...would you do that...?"

Some folks weren't happy...including Hokie Andy :(

Others took it as an opportunity to poke some UVA fun - which is always encouraged around rivalry week!

And our final group of Hokies know that Chris is one of the most stand-up guys to ever play in the NFL - it's just a bummer that he chose to be a Hoo :)

Chris played at UVA from 2004-2007, received the Hendricks award (best lineman in CFB), was a unanimous All-American DE, and was the #2 overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft to the St. Louis Rams.

Chris retired after the 2018 season, but not before winning consecutive Super Bowls with the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. He also is the 2018 recipient of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award for his philanthropic efforts - Sons of Ut Prosim!

Even though he's a Hoo, Chris Long is a great guy, and we were thrilled to have him join us. On our sit-down with Chris, we discuss:

- How the Commonwealth Cup game has changed from player to fan
- Toughest Hokies to play against
- The best spots in Charlottesville (Psssst! It's Roots!)
- Giving Back - Waterboys - athletes, coaches and sports fans bringing life-sustaining drinking water to communities in need, and:
- the Chris Long Foundation

Long on Gameday
Chris Long on College Gameday - Credit

"It's just a rivalry, that shouldn't stop us from doing good in the world."

Re: the Hokie Stone take...let's just say that Chris may be receiving some Hokie Stone in his stocking this year from the Sons...

Thank you for joining us, Chris!

credit: vtnews

Another Son of Ut Prosim...DWIGHT VICK!

If you're kin to #HokieTwitter, you know all about Dwight Vick. A former Hokie from the mid 90s, and the "voice of reason" who always bring great perspective.

Topics from Dwight:

- A Special Rivalry: 2007, 2011, 2019 - Relevance is important
- How the game has changed over the years
- The Bowl Streak?
- Importance of football success
- Vicktory Life - Dwight's program to give back and provide a community service and resource for mentoring kids. #LeaveALegacy and Have an Impact!

Davon Morgan
Tyrod Taylor and Davon Morgan hoist the Cup after the 37-7 win over the Hoos on Senior day in Blacksburg credit: Roanoke Times

Davon Morgan

Davon Morgan finishes up the trio of gridiron stars.

- "Rivalry Renewed?" What is that?!
- 4 years, 4 wins
- Team Captain making the case for 2010
- An important players' only meeting
- Career in coaching: Making an impact
- A Hokie Football Reunion!

Check out this write-up about Davon's NFL journey & perseverance. Looking forward to getting together with Davon and Dwight in the future! Follow Davon below:

Lastly - for old time's sake. Thank you Colin Cowherd for the annual video that will never get old. Go HOKIES!