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Football Offseason: Off to a Wild Start!

By Pat Finn | December 21
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Somehow, the week of December 14, 2020 finally came to an end.
It was nothing short of chaotic, and Grayson Pat and Billy Ray are here to break it all down.

Topics addressed:

- Whit Babcock's Press Conference conversation
- Whit tying his legacy to Coach Fuente
- Coach Fuente, Cornelsen Hamilton Press Conferences
- No staff changes = disappointing?
- Signing Day highlights // Early Enrollees
- Bowl streak argument
- Our requests from the Athletic Department: "Leave No Doubt"

Whit Babcock's Press Conference

Signing Day Presser: Coach Fuente, Cornelsen, Hamilton

Closing thoughts

Quite frankly, this week was absolutely brutal. Nobody likes PR blunders, guys leaving Virginia Tech, and most importantly, the Hokies underachieving on the football field.

There are a few angles to move forward. You can complain about the current administration for an entire year, or you can realize that 2021 is the make or break year and we will have more clarity in ~365 days.

In 365 days, we may be in one of two situations:

1) Coach Fuente turns it around and has a successful year, which everyone will be happy with


2) We see the same movie from the last three years, and are looking for a new football coach.

It is going to be a long year? Yes. Are we happy right now? No. Should we demand and expect more? Definitely! Fans are upset about walls around the program, poor recruiting, former player engagement, losses to Liberty, ODU, Duke, Wake, and players entering the transfer portal.

We have a long way to go before then. Here's to hoping Whit's decision was the best one for the program - for the short term and long term.