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Reactions from Rutgers

By Billy Ray Mitchell | September 18
Screenshot 2023 09 18 at 6 44 01 PM
Drones vs Rutgers Chart
Completion Chart BRM discusses. Courtesy of PFF

Thank you to everyone who came and hung out!

This year was the first-ever Sons of Saturday Road Crew trip. We kicked around the idea about 90 days ago and when we decided to go ahead with it, we had no idea what to expect... Over 400 Hokies made the trip to the game to sit with us in Section 109,110,111. Shout out to Jason Swartz from the SWVA Shop for producing the shirts (in a short timeline), Al Jones for the design, and the Rutgers Ticketing office for assistance through multiple orders as the group continued to burst through our cutoff line.

Don't worry! This isn't a one-hit wonder. The Road Crew is here to stay and next year... We going to Nashville!