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Georgia Tech Preview & Veterans Day Feature

By Pat Finn | November 01
Battle Of The Techs

Grayson and Pat preview Saturday's Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game. Afterwards, Grayson sits down with Brandon Guess, a US Navy Veteran, to talk about Veterans Day and bring awareness to Stop Soldier Suicide, a cause for Veterans suicide & mental health awareness.


Grayson and Pat talk about a few marquee VT-GT games, including:

- 2000,

- 2004,

- 2007,

- 2010,

- 2011, and 2012.

On the pod we made several references to the Series Snapshot and the awesome pics provided from HokieSports - check that article out HERE!

2000: Lightning hits Corso's Car after he picks Georgia Tech to beat the Hokies

2005: Corso picks the Hokies

2005: Corso 'I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them!'

David Wilson's gonna go!

Hokie History GT2000
2000: Frank Beamer, Josh Redding (#79) and Dave Kadela (r#76) lead the team out to Enter Sandman for the FIRST TIME EVER. Credit: HokieSports