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Hot Wings and Hotter Takes 2022

By Pat Finn | August 31
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Enjoy an hour plus of the six of us yelling at each other while eating wings, drinking beers, and exchanging hot takes prior to the 2022 season kicking off.

The Takes:


1) Grant Wells throws for 3250 yards.
2) Virginia Tech wins at NC State.
3) The McDonald twins combine for over 100 tackles.
4) Oklahoma finishes the season unranked
5) Kentucky wins the SEC East
6) Treyveon Henderson wins the Heisman


1) Peter Moore wins All America Honors
2) Tight Ends have more TDs than the Wide Receivers
3) VT will have winning record ATS
4) 50-burger for the first time since 2018

Billy Ray:

1) VT has a 100 yard performances by 3 different backs
2) VT sells out all P5 home games.
3) Grant Wells breaks the record for passing yards
4) VT loses to Duke or GT


1) Hendon Hooker takes UT to an SEC East title
2) Connor Blumrick has more TD passes than TD receptions
3) VT hits least 85% RZ scoring
4) VT scores 45 twice


1) Will Kakavitsas over 550 receiving yards
2) Tight Ends account for 10 TDs
3) Keshawn King 1000+ all purpose yards
4) UNDER 20 sacks by the D this year
5) Miami averages over 500 yards per game and wins ACC championship over NC State


1) VT produces a 1st Team All-ACC RB.
2) VT lands a surprise in-state blue chip who will become the foundation of the rebuild
3) Reegs gains entrance into three places he's not supposed to be from using the Sons VIP lanyard
4) VT will beat the brakes off WVU so badly that they enact another “cooling off” period and refuse to play VT for 10 years