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Hot Wings and Hotter Takes 2023

By Billy Ray Mitchell | August 18

This year, we decided to go all out for one of our favorite annual podcasts, Hot Wings and Hotter Takes! We teamed up a couple of Charlotte based digital media producers (Eric Shepherd and Chris Jones) and set up shop at Rally Pickleball in lower south end to record our first ever professionally produced podcast.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to our title sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon for making this possible and we hope you have half as much fun watching as we had recording. Because we had a BALL! Let’s have a hell of a 2023!

The Takes!


1. The Hokies will have more wins on the road than at home.

2. A Virginia Tech Linebacker will lead the team in Sacks + Linebackers will have more sacks than any other unit

3. Khalil Herbert will have over 1,000 yards this season and be a top (I think I said 7) fantasy RB

4. Pac 12 champion will go to the CFP + Pac 12 finishes with 5 top 15 teams

5. Brennan Armstrong and Riley Leonard finish with more combined yards and touchdowns than Drake Maye and Jordan Travis.

6. South Carolina finishes .500 or worse.


1. over 6.5 INTs from the 4D (Delane, Derrick, Dorian)

2. over 17.5 sacks from APR, Burgos, Keli

3. Daequan Wright 3rd team all ACC

4. 2023 finishes with a 3-way tie atop Big-10 East (all 11-1, 7-1) causing a chaotic tiebreaker.

5. The winning Quarterback of LSU Florida State wins the Heisman trophy.

Bryce Chalkley

1. Tuten Runs For 1,000 Yards

2. Ali Jennings Has 10+ Receiving TDs

3. Elsie Makes It Through The 1st Quarter Of Her First Game

4. Clemson Finished Unranked, South Carolina Finished Inside Top 10

5. Brock Bowers Is A Heisman Finalist

6. No SEC In The National Championship Game - First Time Since 2014

Griffin Parker

1. We have a 4-game win streak that lands them in the top 25 (wake, Louisville, Syracuse, BC).

2. Tech Defense forces at least 18 turnovers.

3. Kyron Drones starts at least 3 games.

4. Alabama loses 3 games.

5. NC State wins the ACC.

Chris Reighard

1. DBLOCK will be back. the safeties (star position included) will be the strongest unit on the team and lead the team in takeaways.

2. Pop Watson will be the starter by the end of the year and we will like what we see (not necessarily on current merit).

3. The coin toss will directly determine the outcome of 83% of our home games. if we win the toss, we win the game (and vice versa). Momentum will be everything with this team.

4. Ohio State will finish outside the top 10. new QB, tough stretch (despite a soft conference), all-or-nothing mentality.

5. FSU will play for a natty. returns 87% of production and Jordan Travis will live up to the hype.