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Inside the lens of HokieVision with Daniel Sabatino

By Billy Ray Mitchell | April 26

This one was a lot of fun, and happened by complete accident. Initially Grayson had reached out to Hokie Vision's Jordan Long to see about getting someone from their production team on an episode. We all wanted to talk about all of the crazy things that the Virginia Tech media production team had been incorporating into their repertoire. Jordan decided to let someone else talk shop on the podcast, but was still responsible for putting the Sons into contact with Daniel Sabatino, who is currently the Associate Director of Creative Content for Virginia Tech Athletics. And again - HUGE shout out to Jordan for making the introduction. We really appreciate you, man! Come on the podcast whenever you want to.

It's funny - it seems as though the best interviews we produce are the ones where all of us meet our guest for the first time. Unfortunately, Bill was out of commission on this particular Sunday, so Grayson and Pat carried the torch in his absence. And if you want to hear two film production nerds (Daniel & Grayson) geek out over camera equipment, then this is the episode for you. Seriously... those two went back and forth about editing suites for a solid five minutes or so. Daniel also shared his experiences working with the players and coaches to produce top-tier content. He even delved into some of his favorite college video production departments across the country.

We'll put it this way - if you haven't seen the awesome content that Daniel and his team have been pumping out recently, we feel sorry for you. Fear not though dear children! The Sons of Saturday have the remedy for you. You can check out Daniel's incredible work by following @HokiesFB on both Instagram and Twitter and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. And like the Sons, the Virginia Tech media production team is headed to the MOON.

Thanks again, D. Sab!