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Black Diamond Rewind with Shayne Graham

By Pat Finn | September 20

Shayne Joins the Sons!

Pat is joined by former VT and NFL kicker Shayne Graham, live from his Hokie ManCave, to discuss the VT-West Virginia rivalry and some of the best memories from Shayne’s time at Virginia Tech.

What to expect:

- A tribute to the old Big East

- 'The Kick'

- Coach Beamer memories

- What is special about VT

- Thoughts on the beginnings of the Pry Era

- Funny stories

And more!

The Miracle in Morgantown

Elite Winning Solutions

Towards the end of the show, Shayne shares some info about his new company, Elite Winning Solutions, and how the #EWSMentality is one of the most important part of succeeding as a specialist!

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#EWSMentality - from the EWS site