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Interview with JJ Singleton | Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

By Grayson Wimbish | March 25
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A #strongarmselfie from the man himself!

J.J. Singleton.

What a guy. What an inspiration. What an all around badass. J.J. has supported the Sons of Saturday Podcast from the beginning. He was there listening in 2019 after the six overtime special episode, which were the EARLY days. It's crazy to look back on that now and see how much time has passed between now and then.

We have wanted to get J.J. on the show for a while now, and this month felt like the perfect time. For those of y'all who don't know, March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Colorectal cancer is the illness that J.J. has fought valiantly since 2016, and one that hundreds of thousands of others fight on a day to day basis. You've probably seen his #strongarmselfie posts on the Twitter timeline to support awareness for the disease.

Here's what we admire most: J.J. tries to wake up every morning with a smile on his face no matter what the circumstance. No matter if it's scans. No matter if it's another round of chemotherapy. No matter what discomfort his cancer might be causing him on that specific day. It truly is awe inspiring.

Recently, J.J. travelled to Washington D.C. to lobby for more funding and focus on colorectal cancer research. This cause that is so near and dear to him isn't talked about or studied as much as other forms of cancers, and as an ambassador for the fight against the disease, J.J. felt called to be boots on the ground to ensure greater action is taken to shine a brighter light on the disease.

As a lifelong Hokie, J.J. has turned to Virginia Tech athletics for comfort and peace. The men's basketball team just won their first ACC Championship, which had him grinning ear to ear as we discussed the matter on this episode. If you want to be inspired this weekend, pop the headphones in, turn your car stereo up, and give this episode a listen. I promise you will have a greater appreciation for life after doing so.