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Lock$ of Saturday: 2022 National Preview

By Sam Jessee | August 24
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It's the end of Talking Season...Finally!

For the last pre-season predictions podcast, the Crew looked from sea to shining sea for the best win total, conference title, and Heisman bets.

Who are you going with?

Utah or USC in the Pac 12?

Clemson or NC State in the ACC?

So many big questions, and the Crew covers them all!

Back Tracking to the ACC

After the news of Sam Hartman's medical concern, which will keep him off the field for at least the next month or so, the Crew took our best stab at predicting the unpredictable ACC division races. Odds to win the division are next to each team with the odds being from Draft Kings Sportsbook. Read 'em and weep:

ACC Standings predictions 2
ACC Standings predictions 1