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Louisville Preview

By Pat Finn | October 29
Louisville Preview

A big shoutout to our friends at TechSideLine and the AWESOME image above. For those Bounce-back opportunity. Put up or shut up. All the marbles.

Billy Ray and Pat break down the upcoming Hokies at Louisville game. Kickoff is at 4pm on Saturday 10/31 and will be played on the ACC Network. Topics include:

- Hokie History (eek!)
- What to watch: Louisville Offense & Defense
- Matchups we like
- Matchups we are slightly woozy on
- Score Predictions!
- Sharkey's Shoutouts

This isn't a great moment in #HokieHistory, but important for people to know... Marcus Vick Stomped On His Opponent’s Leg, And Ended His College Career.

Let's redeem this memory and win with some disciplined, smart football this weekend, Hokies!

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