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MAKE IT A DOUBLE ORDER OF PANCAKES + Hokie Headlines | Special Guests: Bryce Goodner & Danijel Miletic

By Billy Ray Mitchell | August 06

What a wild first half of the week! Pat and Billy Ray kick off this episode with a few of the Hokie Headlines. Just a few short hours after the release of our interview with Coach Fuente, a national news story broke after Caleb Farley broke down his decision to forgo this season on an article posted to Football Morning in America. Caleb cited concerns brought about by the uncertainty of the upcoming season, and in the interest of protecting the health of his loved ones.

Following this article the local media outlets reporting on the Virginia Tech Football program went in a few different directions. We broke down why the coverage of events like this are so important and what we believe was done well and not so well.

#TN2VT Bryce Goodner

Billy Ray sits down with the newest member of the 2021 class, Bryce Goodner. Bryce stands 6-3 300 pounds out of McMinn High in Athens, Tennessee. Film aside (and we will get to that) he back squats 645lbs, front squats 545, power cleans 315, and pushes trucks / jumps out of pools for fun.

As you could have guessed, Billy Ray and Bryce bond heavily over food and snacking, but also dive into some of the habits and qualities that are required to be a collegiate level offensive lineman. Bryce also shines a light on how he was ultimately discovered by the Hokies coaching staff, what pushed him to commit to VT and what he is looking forward to regarding his future in orange and maroon.

#Germany2VT Danijel Miletic

Billy Ray kicks the door down to "Intercontinentiality"! Is that a word? It is now. Danijel is a 6-4 290lb kid who very well may be European footballs best kept secret. Danijel chose the Hokies over UCF and ECU back in early June with which was a surprise commitment to allot of folks here in the States. Since then the only context we could provide came from an interview with his personal coach and former NFL legend Coach Paul Alexander.

Danijel went over his football "journey" and how he has grown to love the game in the short amount of time he has been playing it. Getting recruited outside the United States is challenging on its own, but given the current restrictions on travel and recruitment in general, Danijel had to overcome some very unique challenges to stand out and gain the attention of the Tech Staff. We discuss his process and get to learn more about him and his goals as he eyes his arrival in America and growth as a student athlete.