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Miami Reactions | Sons of Special Announcements!

By Pat Finn | November 16

Special Announcement! Welcome: Sons of Saturday *National*!

College Football Country is now Sons of Saturday!

Before we review the game, announcement: we're excited to welcome Josh Parcell and Ross Tudor to the Sons of Saturday Family!

You may be familiar with Josh and Rossy Three Stax from the College Football Country Podcast. CFB Country is now officially Sons of Saturday! Josh and Ross will aim to be the voice of college football fans everywhere, addressing college football from a national landscape. Don't worry, SOS isn't going anywhere, we just had a slight brand adjustment on the socials (@SonsOfSatVT).

Josh is a former ESPN and FS1 producer and also spent some time in sports radio at WFNZ in Charlotte where he co-hosted Wilson and Parcell. Josh launched CFB Country in 2015 and has had some rockstar guests over the years, including the likes of Rece Davis, Gardner Minshew, and Dabo Swinney.

Ross is the KING of puns! As a creativity master, we look forward to seeing what Ross brings to the table with fun segments and word play #PunsOfSaturday.

Be sure to follow @SonsOfSat and subscribe!

Check out Josh and Ross' first Sons of Saturday episode BELOW with special guest Wes Blankenship:

On our Miami review, we break down:

- Likes and dislikes on Offense/Defense/Special Teams
- Word of the Day
- 3rd and 6 QB Power?
- Pat's Zoom-Out: losing close games.
- Letters from the Lunch Pail
- Sharkey's Shoutouts

We will see ya later this week on our Pitt preview - but here's the quick and dirty:


  • Can stop the run
  • May have Covid issues
  • Has the most annoying coach in CFB


IMG 1152
Kodiak and Dave. What a moment.

The Mike Young Section

IMG 2494
Joe's Diner with Joe Bamisile!

Despite the loss, it was a great weekend in Blacksburg - highlighted by meeting up with Joe Bamisile at Joe's Diner!

Mike Young & the Hokies kickoff the season next week. We got Cold Drinks Waitin!