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Notre Dame Preview with the Sons of Saturday: Irish!

By Grayson Wimbish | October 06
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We're excited about this particular preview, y'all. Sure, Bill, Pat and myself probably could have ran a fine preview about Notre Dame and the implications of Saturday's game on our own. But why do that when you can bring the flippin' SONS OF SATURDAY IRISH in for an in-depth breakdown of the Notre Dame football team, what this game means for them, and how both Tyler and Luke feel about it?

If you aren't aware by now, Sons of Saturday Irish have been absolutely crushing it. Tyler Wojciak and Luke Smith both bleed green and gold, and went in depth into the parallels of why Notre Dame is in a similar position as the Hokies. Both teams are having depth issues and inconsistencies on the offensive line, there are concerns at the quarterback position, and both teams have stout defenses.

This preview runs a little long, but it's a necessary evil. No one knows this Fighting Irish team better than Tyler and Luke. We talk about Saturday's weather and how it might be a "Skittle Effect" as opposed to a "Stripe the Stadium" situation. If you weren't planning on bringing a poncho or a rain jacket of some kind, you might want to reconsider.

In terms of the Sons VT, we'll all be in town for Saturday's game. Luke Smith of Sons of Saturday Irish will also be making the trek from Chicago, so if you see him around town, be sure to holler at him. Tyler Wojciak will be watching from sunny Los Angeles, but at least he wont have to wake up super early as us West Coasters typically do.

All in all, it should be a fun weekend. Pop down to the Main Street Pharmacy to get your game day pins. We can't wait to see everyone! GO HOKIES!