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Positive Recruiting Momentum! | Reactions to Expected CFP Changes | John Dooley Hire

By Grayson Wimbish | June 21
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Happy Monday Sons and Daughters!

Back with another one for y’all. There has been a lot of exciting news both in the world of college football and Virginia Tech football. Bill, Pat and myself sat down yesterday and did a deep dive on the college football playoff expansion, the hire of John Dooley, and an absolutely phenomenal recruiting weekend in Blacksburg over these past few days.

Coach Jack Tyler reeled himself in Xavier Simmons, who is the Hokies' first four star commitment in what feels like forever. The Hokies also added commitments from OL Jakson LaHue and WR/FS Malcolm Jones.

In addition to this week’s Three Big Things, we ran back the second edition of “What Made Us Smile,” talked about the ACC football recruiting race, why certain in-state recruits shouldn’t surprise anyone when they choose to go elsewhere, got into a heated debate about which state has the best food (you can imagine how that went… considering the Jersey boys think their mediocre state hung the moon. GUFFAW!), and much more.

Also, without the Fathers of Saturday, there would be no Sons of Saturday, so to all of the dads out there, we love you, we’re thankful for you, we miss you, and are proud to be your Sons.

Now and always, Go Hokies!

Let’s have us a week, y’all!